How to Propagate Bougainvillea

Raising a garden full of woody, bright-bloomed bougainvillea only requires a single plant. Simply cut from the stem of an existing plant, coat the end in rooting hormone, and stick it in a shallow container filled with well-drained potting soil. After a thorough initial watering, cover the cutting with a plastic bag and leave it to sit somewhere dim and cool. With minimal interference, it will develop into its own self-sufficient plant in as little as 3-6 months.

EditTaking a Cutting from the Parent Plant
Cut a mature stem to a length of . Use a pair of sharp pruning shears to snip the lower end of the stem at a slight angle. Only take healthy cuttings that do not have signs of disease of infestation. Cutting the stem at an angle increases its surface area, allowing it to take up more moisture and nutrients from the planting soil.[1]
Wear gardening gloves and eye protection when you take a cutting.

Take semi-ripe or hardwood for your cuttings rather than younger sections that are still green.

The best time to take cuttings from bougainvillea is late-spring to mid-summer, when growth is most rapid and abundant.

Getting bougainvillea to root can be tricky. Consider taking multiple cuttings to give yourself more than one shot if your first attempt fails. You can cut back as much as a third of the plant’s growth without worrying about harming it.

Sterilize your gardening tools with rubbing alcohol before and after you take a cutting.

Prune the leaves from the stem. The stem is the only part of the bougainvillea that will take root successfully. Cut away all flowers, leaves, and small offshoots from the slender, woody shaft. Trim and discard any sections that are still green, as these are less likely to survive when planted.[2]
Make sure you remove at least half of the leaves from the stem. This will help ensure that all of the plant’s resources are being used to form new roots.

If you’re not planning on rooting your bougainvillea right away, wrap your cuttings in a damp paper towel and store them in the refrigerator in an airtight plastic bag. This will keep them from drying out for 1-2 weeks.

Dip the cut end in rooting hormone. Wet the bottom of the stem and press it into a container of powdered rooting hormone. Coat the underside thoroughly, but avoid caking or clumping. To remove excess powder, tap the stem lightly with your fingertip.[3]
Rooting hormone can be found at most major gardening centers, greenhouses, and plant nurseries. It’s also sometimes known as “rooting acid.”

You can also try making your own rooting hormone at home using ingredients like apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, honey, or crushed Aspirin.[4]

EditPlanting the Cutting
Fill a small container with a well-drained soil. For best results, purchase a growing medium designed specifically for propagating from seeds and cuttings. You can also use a mixture of commercial potting soil, organic garden compost, and sand. Leave about ¼ inch (0.64 cm) at the top of the container to allow space for watering.[5]
When using a packaged soil, consider mixing in ⅓ perlite, vermiculite, or horticultural grit to promote proper drainage.[6]
You’ll only be caring for your bougainvillea in this container until it takes root, so a pot as small as will work just fine.

Insert the cutting into the soil. Sink the stem below the surface of the soil to ensure that it’s anchored firmly. If you’re working with a denser soil mixture and you’re worried about damaging the stem, it may help to first open up a narrow hole using a pencil or similar object.[7]
Inserting the stem into the soil at a slight angle may help more of the existing nodes sprout into roots.[8]
Use only one cutting per pot to provide plenty of room for growth and prevent competition.

Water the newly planted cutting thoroughly. Use enough water to moisten the surface of the soil without oversaturating it. After watering, allow the cutting to sit undisturbed. A healthy drink will encourage it to begin putting down new roots.[9]
Be careful not to overwater your bougainvillea cutting. Too much moisture could inhibit the rooting process, or even lead to more harmful complications like rotting or fungal disease.

Cover the potted cutting with a plastic bag. The surrounding layer of plastic will create a miniature greenhouse effect, trapping in humidity. In just a few weeks, the abundance of moisture will help the plant begin growing on its own. Once it’s covered, pick out a cool, shady spot inside your home away from direct heat or sunlight to store the cutting.[10]
Seal the bag by tying or zipping, if possible. Otherwise, it should be okay to simply drape the plastic cover over the top of the pot and make sure the bottom is weighted and secure.

You can also use a cloche or coldframe, if you have access to one.[11]

Look for the cutting to begin sprouting within 6-10 weeks. You’ll know your bougainvillea cutting has taken root when small green leaves begin to form along the stem. In the meantime, avoid removing the bag or otherwise disturbing the plant. Doing so could inhibit the rooting process.[12]
In most cases, it’s better to wait until numerous offshoots begin appearing along the stem than to risk uprooting it too early.

EditPreparing Developing Plants for a Container or Garden
Allow the cutting to continue rooting until 4-6 leaves have appeared. This may take anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on the state of the cutting and your exact soil conditions. Once the stem begins producing foliage again, it will be safe to repot it in a larger container or transplant it to your garden.[13]
There’s no need to water the cutting the way you would a seedling, as the roots are not yet fully developed.

Introduce the rooted cutting to full sunlight gradually. Most veteran gardeners recommend a “hardening-off” phase that lasts at least 2 weeks. To do this, simply move the plant to an area with slightly more direct sunlight every 5-7 days. A slow process of acclimation will help it adapt to its new environment and increase its chances of survival.[14]
Situating your bougainvillea in direct sunlight before it’s ready could kill it, leaving you with nothing to show for your efforts.

Keep the cutting within . During this time, you’ll want to limit the plant’s exposure to especially warm or cold conditions. It’s a good idea to bring it inside during the hottest part of the afternoon and in the evening after the sun sets.[15]
Rapid fluctuations in temperature can also be hard on young cuttings, even if they’re relatively modest.

Bougainvillea is most comfortable at the same temperatures you are. For this reason, the inside of your home will generally be the best place for it.

Uproot the cutting and establish it in its new home. Tap the outside of the rooting pot to gently dislodge the compacted soil. Upend the entire pot carefully on your palm, holding the cutting firmly between the fingers of your opposite hand. Your bougainvillea is now ready to be planted in a container or flower bed and continue growing on its own.[16]
Plant your bougainvillea in spring or summer so it will have time to establish itself before winter arrives.[17]
Your cutting’s container or plot should be at least twice as large as its growing root system to give it plenty of room to spread out comfortably.

Once established, bougainvillea doesn’t respond well to having its roots disturbed. If you want to transplant a growing shrub a second time, it may be best to just purchase a new one.

Take more than one stem cutting if possible. That way, you’ll have another shot if your first couple of attempts fail.

Bougainvillea is a remarkably hearty, low-maintenance plant that has a good chance of success in almost any home or garden.

When performed correctly, rooting may yield more plants than you have the space for. Consider displaying the extras around your home, or giving away them away to friends and family as gifts.

EditThings You’ll Need
Small container

Pruning shears

Rooting hormone

Balanced, well-drained potting soil

Plastic bag, cloche, or coldframe

Large container or garden space (for replanting)

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EditQuick Summary
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How to Get Ready for Christmas

Do you love Christmas but hate the stress leading up to it? The holidays should be a fun time of year that you can easily tackle in a fun and organized manner. Plan your gifts, set the scene, and loosen your belt so you can eat the holiday away.

EditPlanning Gifts
Brainstorm gift ideas. As the saying goes, it’s better to give than to receive. Have fun thinking about what to give your family, friends, and whomever else is lucky enough to get on your list. Write down your ideas to ensure that you don’t miss anyone. Whether it’s a gag gift or a sentimental one, taking the time to find the right gift for the right person is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.[1]
Finding the right gift for someone may be difficult but you can search for online gift guides to help you through the process. A good starting point can be choosing a gift based on the personality or your relationship. For example, if the person is a friend from college, you can give them a sweatshirt from your alma mater.

Ask if the person has a wish list. While it may seem lazy, research has shown that people receiving a gift that they actually want makes them happier than if they were to receive a gift that a lot of thought was put into. However, if you do put a lot of thought into a gift you may feel closer to the receiver.[2]

Make a list and check it twice. It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit so prepare a list and budget. Just because you have the perfect gift idea for your dad, doesn’t mean you should mortgage your home to get it for him. Be disciplined in your spending by creating a list, complete with prices and alternatives, and keep it with you at all times.[3]

Shop online if you want to avoid crowds. Avoid the holiday crowds by shopping in the comfort in your own home. It is easier to stick to your budget as you keep a spreadsheet open or app to help you track your spending. You may also find great promotions and deals exclusive to shopping sites. Be aware to read the fine print on shipping and returns. You don’t want to buy the perfect gift and have it arrive 2 weeks late, damaged, and only eligible for store credit.[4]

Shop in person if you want to make sure the item is exactly what you’re looking for. Shopping online can be risky because you may not get a chance to see and hold the item. If the item is the wrong colour, size, or texture, you may not have time to return it. Shopping in person can also be a fun activity when done with company as you can joke or get another opinion if you’re having trouble deciding.

Begin a countdown. You can find many chocolate calendars that help you get into the Christmas spirit with a daily treat. If chocolate isn’t your thing, you can also use any calendar or download a fun app to help countdown the days. Countdowns help build anticipation and let you stay on track with your shopping and preparations.

EditSetting the Scene
Use an aroma pot. Waking up to the smells of the season are a great way to start each day. Create a Christmas aroma pot using orange, cinnamon, apple cider, and cloves. Let everything simmer during the day so that the aroma wafts throughout your entire your home.[5]

Create a festive music playlist. No matter what genre of music you enjoy, chances are there are Christmas songs that are perfect for your musical taste. While variety is good, only you know what songs can get you in the mood for the season. Whether you find each individual song or download a pre made playlist, enjoy the sounds of the season.[6]
Some popular Christmas songs are “Santa Baby” by Madonna, “All I want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” By Thurl Ravenscroft, “Underneath the Tree” by Kelly Clarkson, and something from Michael Bublé’s Christmas album.[7]

Decorate your home, office, and yourself. As soon as Halloween is over, Christmas decorations will start to appear. The earlier you shop for decorations, the cheaper they will be. You may also use social media to find used and unique decorations as well as instructions on how to create your own. You may also decorate your food, your face, your clothes, or anything else you have permission to decorate.[8]
Buy festive wrapping paper, Christmas lights and ornaments on sale right after Christmas. Buy them with neighbors for bulk pricing.

Encourage your neighbors to decorate their homes with lights.

Watch a Christmas movie. There are many classic Christmas movies that you can stream online or watch on tv as many major networks will begin to show Christmas programming. You may also watch new release movies as Christmas time has some of the biggest and most anticipated movie openings of the year.[9]
Some great examples of Christmas movies are Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and Elf.

Get your Christmas tree and decorate it. Christmas trees are synonymous with the season. Whether you go out and choose a real tree or get your plastic one from the basement, enjoy the annual tradition of decorating your tree with your family and friends. Themes can always be fun to let your creative juices flow.[10]
Although live trees are traditional, consider a less flammable synthetic tree to reduce the risk of fire ruining your Christmas.

If you don’t have the space or budget for a full blown tree, visit local displays. Department stores and even entire neighbourhoods will display Christmas trees so check your community calendar.[11]

EditEating Your Holidays Away
Build a gingerbread house. Gingerbread houses are a fun activity for family or friends. Find your favourite recipe and build the type of house that fits your budget and schedule. Whether you’re making it to be displayed or to be eaten, enjoy the process.[12]
You could also choose to buy a Gingerbread house-making kit. These kits are quite common, and can be found in grocery stores as well as department stores. Buying a kit can make the whole affair much easier and simpler, but can be more costly than if you made the ingredients yourself.

Bake Christmas goodies ahead of time. Christmas is a great time to mix old favourites with new recipes. Baked goods are a fun gift and are tough to run out of since this is the most social time of the year. When you have free time to bake, make sure you freeze baked in sturdy containers that can stack easily.[13]
Ensure that the baked goods have cooled down and wrapped before storing them as you don’t want freezer burn.[14]
You may use royal icing to decorate cookies before you freeze them. Wait until the icing is hard before you stack them. You may also place each individual cookie in its own plastic bag before stacking.[15]
If you’re making a few different baked goods, keep them in separate containers to make sure the flavors don’t blend together. Store your treats in the back of the freezer to maintain freshness as they’ll keep up to 3 months.[16]

Make your own version of an Advent calendar. Advent calendars mark each day leading up to Christmas with a piece of chocolate and can be found at most grocery stores. They are cardboard boxes with little windows that you open, one for every day of December, up to Christmas. Use your imagination to create your own version with a small treat for each day. Whether you bake little pieces of chocolate or more extravagant gourmet candies, create anticipation as each day becomes a fun surprise.[17]

EditPlanning Christmas Events
Organize a family party. While many families may already have an annual tradition, make sure to send your invites early if this is the first year organizing a family Christmas. When creating your invite list, make sure that you are aware of any conflicts between family members or extended family to avoid any awkwardness. Depending on how many people you invite, be sure to create a menu for enough people and with plenty of recipes you can cook ahead of time.[18]
If you’re inviting a large number of people, save yourself time and energy by asking for contributions to the meal. Make sure to keep an organized list to get enough variety for everyone and that anyone cooking is comfortable making their assigned dish.

Organize games and activities if there are a lot of children in your family. Young children may get easily restless in anticipation of opening their presents.

Get away for the holidays. Whether traveling on your own or with others, Christmas is one of the busiest times of year to travel so book your holiday in advance. Many people choose to escape the cold weather and look to vacation in warmer climates. Create a budget and look for all-inclusive packages to help save money.
Ensure that you are able to take the time off of work before planning any vacation. Other coworkers may have already booked the time off.

Read reviews or consult a travel agent if you do not know where you would like to take your vacation. Do not book your travel itinerary without researching the pros and cons of your destination. Vacationing should be an escape from any stress so put in the work beforehand to ensure a fun filled getaway.

Plan a gift exchange with co-workers. Add some Christmas cheer to your office by organizing a gift exchange or Secret Santa. Simply place everyone’s name in a hat or organize a system in which each co-worker is anonymously assigned a fellow co-worker to buy a gift for. Make sure that there is a price limit and to stress that gifts should be appropriate for your work environment.[19]
For a more random exchange, create a cakewalk in which everyone buys a gift. Set a price limit so that no one goes overboard. Line up all the gifts and assign each with a different number. Follow the rules of musical chairs and play a song as everyone walks around the gifts. When the music stops, each person gets the gift closest to them.[20]

Find a place to worship (optional). Depending on your faith, Christmas may be a time to express your faith. Many Christian churches will post their schedules for the holidays. Find your local place of worship and be sure to come early as some places of worship may be filled beyond capacity.

EditwikiHow Holiday Cookbook
WH.shared.addScrollLoadItem(‘5bfe9151eaa04’)Holiday Cookbook
Place breakable ornaments at the top of the tree, near the star and out of reach of young children and pets, to prevent losing treasured Christmas ornaments.

Repack the lights, ornaments and wrapping paper really well, for next year.

Hand-make things as much as you can, such as the cards, ornaments, bows and even wrapping paper (by drawing on plain paper).

Recycle the tree if it’s a live cut one, and all the paper and boxes.

Sleep in when you get time off!

Wish everyone safe, happy holidays!

Buy a white plastic Christmas tree they look surprisingly great! And some light up! It is quite splendid!

Make handmade decorations and maybe bake Christmas cakes, cookies etc.

Don’t leave anything to the last minute.

Make sure to keep water in the tree stand for real Christmas trees.

Get the young ones to help you with Christmas tree lights and baking cookies.

Check Christmas bulbs, wiring, etc. to make sure they are hazard free.

Use care when burning candles.

Make sure to turn the Christmas lights off before going to bed

If you have stockings that are hung by something heavy, make sure to keep out of reach of children and on Christmas help the child get their stocking down.

Place the Christmas tree lighting on a power bar. Turn the tree lights off when leaving the tree unattended.

Do not leave the tree lit while unattended.

Don’t drink too much rum!

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Today in History for 28th November 2018

Historical Events

1775 – Second Continental Congress formally establishes US Navy
1861 – Confederate congress officially admits Missouri to Confederacy
1953 – “Wish You Were Here” closes at Imperial Theater NYC after 597 performances
1964 – 1965 NFL Draft: Tucker Frederickson from Auburn University first pick by New York Giants
1973 – Arab League summit in Algiers recognizes Palestine
1986 – Hilbert van der Duim skates 1 hour world record 39.4928 km

More Historical Events »

Famous Birthdays

1757 – William Blake, English poet and artist (Songs of Innocence and Experience), born in London, England (d. 1827)
1887 – Ernst Rohm, German staff member/Bolivian leader/SA
1952 – Jeff Fahey, actor (Darkman III, Crossover, Serpent’s Lair)
1960 – Deneice Lewis, model, born in Lynchburg, Virginia
1974 – Jason Ferguson, defensive tackle (NY Jets)
1978 – Mehdi Nafti, Tunisian footballer

More Famous Birthdays »

Famous Deaths

1585 – Hernando Franco, Spanish composer (b. 1532)
1878 – Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti, composer, dies at 78
1978 – André Morell [Cecil André Mesritz], British actor (Ben-Hur, The Message, Hound of the Baskervilles), dies from a heart attack at 69
1992 – Roland Smeenk, Dutch cabaret performer, dies in a car accident at 35
2009 – Takeo Kajiwara, Japanese Go player (b. 1923)
2015 – Marjorie Lord [Wollenberg], American actress (Make Room for Daddy, Sherlock Holmes in Washington), dies of natural causes at 97

More Famous Deaths »

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How to Order Taco Bell Online

If you’re in the mood for Taco Bell, you can order anything on the menu from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer or phone to access their online ordering system. Once you’ve selected your food and submitted your order, you can pick up your food anytime from then until the store closes. Visit the Taco Bell website to order their food quickly and conveniently!

EditSelecting Your Food
Visit the Taco Bell home page and click on “Order Now.” Enter the Taco Bell URL into your browser and wait for the home page to load. From there, click on the blue button near the top of the page that says “Order Now.” This will take you to the online ordering menu.
If you’d prefer to use your phone, you can also download the Taco Bell app. The app uses the same food categories and checkout format as the website.[1]
Find the Taco Bell homepage at

Choose your food from the ordering menu. Taco Bell organizes its food into 16 different categories. Click on any of the following categories to find the right food options for you:[2]
Favorites (user specific), New, Deals and Combos, or Specialties

Tacos, Burritos, Nachos, or Quesadillas

Dollar Cravings, Sweets, Sides, or Drinks

Power Menu, Party Picks, Vegetarian, or Breakfast

Choose between meaty, cheesy, and spicy if you can’t decide. Taco Bell further organizes its menu into taste categories if you’re not quite sure what you want. Decide whether you’re in the mood for something cheesy, meaty, or spicy, then click on the corresponding button.
You can access the full menu at

This is on the main menu page below the 16 food categories, beneath the “Can’t Decide?” header.

Choose between budget, exclusives, classics, and groups for more options. If you’re still having trouble deciding, scroll down to the bottom of the menu. From there, you can choose between 4 more options: On a Budget, Great for Groups, Exclusives, and Classics.[3]
If you want to go back to the main menu, click on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Click on the “See Food” button to access food from these 4 menus.

Add any food you want to purchase to your cart. On the bottom of every food option is an “Add to Cart” button. Click on this button for every menu item that you want to purchase, then click on the “Your Shopping Cart” button in the top right corner of the website when you’re ready to check out. If you change your mind about a menu item, you can add or delete any items on this page.[4]
Before checking out, you can also customize any food items by hitting the “Customize” button.

If you’re not sure whether you want to order a food option, you can “heart” it in the top right corner. When you’re ready to check out, you can come back to it and decide whether to order it.

Decide whether to add drinks or sides to your cart. After clicking on “My Shopping Cart,” the site will ask you whether you want extra drinks or sides with your order. By clicking on “Add Drinks” or “Add Sides,” you can access a list of either. Choose any additional menu items, then click “Checkout” when you’re ready to place an order.[5]
You can also access the “You Might Like” menu from the “My Shopping Cart” page, which offers a list of items that pair well with your order.

EditChecking Out
Make an account or check out as a guest. After clicking on “Checkout,” you’ll be redirected to a user sign up page. From here, you either make a Taco Bell customer account or choose to check out as a guest. If you decide to make an account, you’ll need to provide your email address, full name, and a password.[6]
If you already have an account, you can also log in on this page.

You can also sign in with your Facebook account, if applicable.

Choose a pickup location. Click on “Browse Locations” to look for Taco Bell stores near you. Enter your zip code or city name in the “Search Zip or City” bar, then click on the store were you want to pick up your order.[7]
Taco Bell currently doesn’t provide delivery services. You can, however, use a third-party food delivery app to buy Taco Bell food without leaving your home.

Fill in your payment information. You can order using a credit/debit card or a Taco Bell gift card on the website. Click on the option that applies to you and add your debit/credit or gift card information.
If you order online, you cannot pay in cash. You must pay for the food before you pick it up.

Include your email and phone number. Enter a valid email address for Taco Bell to send you your order receipt. If you prefer text receipts, you can also opt to add your phone number.

EditSubmitting and Picking Up Your Order
Choose whether to pick the order up now or later. As you review your order, you’ll be asked whether you want it now or later. If you click later, you can choose between times from now until Taco Bell closes in 15-minute increments.[8]
Orders usually take between 3-5 minutes to get ready.

Decide whether to pick it up in-store or drive-through. The checkout page will also ask you whether you’d prefer to pick your food up at the drive-through or inside the store. Determine which option is most convenient for you and click on the corresponding option.[9]
If you change your mind, you can always pick your food up either way. Choosing as you order the food just helps the Taco Bell staff stay organized.

Include the first name of the person picking up your order. At the bottom of the checkout page, you’ll find the question, “Who’s Picking It Up?” In the bar below, type in the first name of whoever will pick up the food.[10]

Submit your order and pick it up. When you’ve finished filling out your order, click on “Submit Order” at the bottom of the page. Once you’ve checked out, you’re ready to pick up your order at the time you signed up for.
Remember to give the Taco Bell staff your first name when you pick up your order so they know what food to give you.

Review your order and the final price before submitting your order. This will help you catch errors before you pay for and pick up your food.

EditUsing Food Delivery Apps
Choose a food delivery app to buy Taco Bell menu items from home. Although Taco Bell doesn’t offer a delivery service, you can use a food delivery app to buy Taco Bell without leaving your home. Try a popular food delivery app to complete your order, like:[11]

Uber Eats


Door Dash


Select Taco Bell from the app’s restaurant options and place your order. Most food apps offer a list of available restaurants in your area. Choose Taco Bell from the list of options and place your order either by selecting it on the app’s menu or typing it into the app.
How you place your order specifically varies depending on the app.

Pay for your food using the app’s checkout system. How you pay for the food varies on the app, but you will generally have to pay for the food before the driver picks it up. After placing your order, make a payment so the food delivery driver can pick it up.
You will likely need to pay an extra fee to cover pickup expenses. On average, delivery fees range from $5-10 USD.

Watch the app to follow your driver’s progress. Most apps allow you to watch the driver via GPS as they pick up your food. Keep an eye on the app so you can answer the door when your driver knocks.
If you’re able, tip your driver as a sign of appreciation. While there is no set range for delivery tips, 15-20% of the bill is normal.

If you want to see the food’s nutritional content before you order, you can access Taco Bell’s nutritional information at

EditSources and Citations
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