How to Choose a Dress for New Year’s Eve

Whether you’re planning on going out on the town, attending a ball, or throwing a party at your house, you want the dress you wear on New Year’s Eve to be the perfect choice. It’s the start of a new year, and that deserves a new dress, but picking a dress can be a stressful process. By looking at specifics such as dress style, color, and fabric, you’ll be choosing your New Year’s Eve dress in no time at all.

EditChoosing a Dress Style and Length
Pick a cocktail dress if you’ll be attending a semi-formal party or event. Cocktail dresses are a great option for many New Year’s Eve events – they’re short yet elegant. There are tons of different cocktail dress styles – from long sleeve to strapless, off-the-shoulder to cap-sleeved – to fit any type of party.[1]
Strapless and off-the-shoulder dresses are perfect for people with a pear-shaped body, while cocktail dresses with ruffles or pleating look best on ruler-shaped forms.[2]

Choose a long gown if you’ll be attending a ball or black tie event. If you’re going to be attending a very formal event, a floor-length gown is the perfect choice. Just be sure to try it on plenty of time beforehand so that you can fix the length and buy proper shoes if needed.[3]

Decide on a mini dress if you’ll be going to parties, clubs, or bars. A mini dress is easy to dress up or dress down, depending on the exact event you’re going to, and they come in almost every color or style.[4]
Mini dresses (such as body cons) are usually fitted, so if you have an hourglass figure, this is your best option.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of dancing or moving around, make sure the dress isn’t too short or uncomfortable.

EditDeciding on the Dress Color and Fabric
Wear silver or gold for a bold, classic look. Silver and gold are popular New Year’s Eve colors, and they’re a great way to make you stand out. If you’re going to a party or want to make an impression, choose a silver, gold, or other metallic dress color.[5]
If you really want to stand out, choose a dress with sparkle, such as beads, glitter, or sequins.

Wear a darker-tinted color for a holiday look. Wearing darker colors, such as maroon, purple, dark green, or navy blue, is a popular New Year’s Eve choice when it comes to picking a dress. It allows you to be festive while also showing off your sophisticated evening attire, and you can choose whichever color looks best on you.

Choose a little black dress perfect for any event. You can never go wrong with a little black dress. They come in a variety of styles, are easy to dress up or down, and can be found in almost any store. If you’re unsure about the color or type of dress that would be appropriate for the event you’re attending, pick out a black dress you feel confident in.[6]

Choose a dress made of velvet for a stylish and warm look. Velvet is a very popular holiday fabric, especially during the winter. Its texture and thickness make it comfortable to wear while also keeping you warm, and it always looks festive.[7]
Other warm fabrics you might consider are knits, leather, or wool.

Wear satin or silk for a dressier look. While they’re not the warmest fabrics, satin, silk, or any other shiny fabric is sure to create a more formal-looking dress that’s party-ready.[8]
If you want to wear satin or silk but don’t want to look too formal, dress it down by adding a simple jacket.

Choose a lace dress for a sophisticated look. Lace is another fabric that can be dressed up or down, and it’s very popular in the winter. Since it’s an intricate and detailed fabric, you don’t need to add many accessories – choose some great shoes and let the lace be the center of attention.[9]

EditAccessorizing the Dress
Choose shoes that match the color and length of your dress. Shoes are an important piece of any outfit, so make sure you spend some time deciding which ones will look (and feel!) the best.[10]
If you’re wearing a long dress, make sure to try your dress on with your shoes to ensure that the shoe height is correct – you don’t want your dress to be dragging on the ground all night.

Whether you’re wearing high heels or flats, it’s typically good to choose a shoe color one shade darker than your dress, and black is always a safe choice.

Pick out jewelry that goes with the style and color of your dress. Your jewelry should complement your dress, not overshadow it. Choose a maximum of three pieces and match your jewelry to the dress’s features.
Pay attention to your dress’s neckline and choose a necklace that will frame it nicely.[11]

Wear outerwear that matches your dress and is weather-appropriate. Since New Year’s Eve is one of the chilliest holidays, you’re going to need a jacket of some sort to keep warm.
If you know you’ll be spending the majority of the time inside, a shawl, sweater, or light jacket are good options.

If you’re worried about being cold while outside, opt for warmer outerwear, such as a fur coat or a leather jacket.

Add a scarf, hat, or tights to your outfit to stay warm and stylish. If you’re still worried about being cold or know you’ll be ringing in the New Year outside, bundle up with additional warm accessories such as a knit scarf or fleece lined leggings.

Comfort is key – make sure your dress isn’t too long, tight, or uncomfortable so that you’re sure to enjoy the night.

If online shopping for a dress, be sure to know your dress size and shop plenty of time before New Year’s Eve to account for added shipping days and possible returns.

Dress for your body type – find out which styles of dresses look best on you and complement your form.

Get a second opinion from a friend or family member if you’re unsure of which dress to choose.

Think about the weather if your New Year’s Eve is outside- you don’t want it to be short-sleeved without a pair of tights on the coldest time of the year!

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Today in History for 15th December 2018

Historical Events

1667 – Brandenburg declares himself neutral in Devolutie War
1899 – Battle at Colenso, South Africa (Boers-British army)
1953 – WJHG TV channel 7 in Panama City, FL (NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
1961 – JFK visits Puerto Rico
1969 – San Francisco Fire Department replaces leather helmets with plastic ones
2015 – Fifth Republican presidential candidates debate in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Famous Birthdays

1793 – Henry Charles Carey, American economist (Principles of Poli Economy), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 1879)
1857 – Eugeniusz Pankiewicz, Polish composer, born in Siedlce, Poland (d. 1898)
1943 – Kathleen Blanco, American politician
1977 – Catherine Fox, 400m freestyle relay (Olympic gold 1996)
1981 – Roman Pavlyuchenko, Russian football player
1991 – Eunice Cho, American actress

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Famous Deaths

1576 – Joachim Hopperus, [Hoppers], Frisian lawyer/politician, dies at 53
1673 – Margaret Cavendish, English writer (b. 1623)
1892 – Charles Balmer, German composer, dies at 75
1944 – Glenn Miller, American bandleader and jazz composer (Glenn Miller Orchestra-In the Mood), dies in a suspected plane crash at 40
1980 – Rudolph Cleveringa, Dutch anti-nazi lawyer and professor of Law at Leiden University, dies at 86
2010 – Blake Edwards, American writer and director (10, SOB, Breakfast at Tiffany’s), dies at 88

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How to Roast Chestnuts

Chestnuts are a traditional holiday food in many cultures, and they taste wonderful on a cold winter day! You can roast chestnuts in the oven, over an open fire, or in a frying pan. Use the option that works best for you and enjoy some roasted chestnuts for your next holiday gathering!

EditIn the Oven
of Chestnuts

Hot water

EditOver an Open Fire
of Chestnuts

EditIn a Frying Pan
of Chestnuts

Hot water

EditIn the Oven
Preheat the oven to . It will take around 15 minutes for your oven to get to this temperature, so you can do this before you start prepping the chestnuts.[1]
Another option is to prep the chestnuts first, put them into the refrigerator, and then turn on the oven when you are ready to roast them.

Cut an X into the round side of each of the chestnuts. Use a sharp paring knife to cut the shape of an X into the round side of each chestnut. Cut all the way through the shell and into the chestnut meat.[2]
This is called scoring the chestnuts.

Soak the chestnuts in a bowl of hot water for 1 minute. Place the scored chestnuts into a large bowl and cover them with boiling hot water. Let the chestnuts sit in the hot water for 1 minute and then drain them by pouring the water and chestnuts into a colander.[3]
You may notice the shells have opened up slightly around the score marks after you finish soaking the chestnuts. This is normal.

Spread out the chestnuts X side up on a piece of foil on a baking sheet. Wrap the edges of the foil up and around the chestnuts to create a parcel or packet. Keep the foil open so that the chestnuts are visible when you look at them from above.[4]
Roasting the chestnuts this way will help to ensure that they get cooked all the way through.

Bake the chestnuts for 15 to 18 minutes. Set a timer for 15 minutes and check the chestnuts after time is up. When they are done, the scored shell should have started to peel back. They will also look darker than they did when you put them into the oven.[5]
Let the chestnuts bake for a full 18 minutes if you want to ensure that they are done.

It is important not to bake them for too long or they may be charred on the inside of the shells.

Let the chestnuts cool for 5 minutes before you peel them. Put on a pair of oven mitts and remove the chestnuts from the oven. Place the baking sheet onto a potholder or trivet to cool. Use your fingers to peel away the shells from the chestnuts starting at the score marks.[6]
Do not wait longer than 5 minutes to peel the chestnuts or it may be more difficult to separate the chestnut meat from the shells.

Store the cooked and peeled chestnuts in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 4 days.[7] of melted butter, of salt, and of freshly ground black pepper.Create savory herb chestnuts by tossing chestnut meat in a combination of of melted butter, of salt, of dried rosemary, and of nutmeg.Transform chestnuts into a sweet treat by tossing them in a mixture of of sugar and of cinnamon.}}

EditOver an Open Fire
Get a fire going in a fire pit, fireplace, or grill. You do not need a very large fire, but you will need to have flames and a grill rack positioned just above them to roast chestnuts this way. Place a log into your fireplace, fire pit, or charcoal grill and light it. Use newspaper as kindling to get the fire going.[8]
A small amount of lighter fluid may also help to ignite the log.

Wash the chestnuts and cut an X into each 1. Rinse the chestnuts under warm running water for a minute to clean them. Then, cut an X into the round sides of the chestnuts with a sharp paring knife. Make sure that the X goes through the shell and into the chestnut meat.[9]
Cutting an X into the chestnuts is called scoring the chestnuts.

Spread the chestnuts out on a piece of tin foil or a heavy metal pan. Use a large sheet of heavy duty tin foil with several small holes poked into it, a cast iron pan, or a slotted grill pan meant for cooking over an open fire. Position the chestnuts with the X facing up and spread them out in a single layer.[10]
If you want to poke holes into a piece of tin foil to roast your chestnuts, use a skewer or small knife and poke a hole in the tin foil about every .

Roast the chestnuts over the fire for 20 to 30 minutes. Roast the chestnuts until the shells are blackened, which will take about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the heat of your fire. Put your foil or pan onto a grill rack just above the flames. The flames should be licking the bottom and sides of the foil or pan. Watch the chestnuts closely so you will know when they are done.[11]
If possible, keep the fire burning at the same level and avoid getting the fire too hot or the chestnuts may burn.

Let the chestnuts cool for 5 minutes and then peel them. After the chestnut shells are blackened, remove them from the fire, and let them cool before you begin to peel them. Use your fingers to peel away the shells around the scored area of the chestnuts.[12]
Make sure to use a fireproof silicone oven mitt to remove the chestnuts from the fire and set the pan onto a potholder or trivet to cool.

Place your cooked and peeled chestnuts into an airtight container, and store them in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.[13]

EditIn a Frying Pan
Cut an X into each of the chestnuts. Use a sharp paring knife to cut an X mark into the round side of each of the chestnuts. Cut all the way through the shell and into the chestnut meat.[14]
This is known as scoring the chestnuts.

Soak the chestnuts in hot water for 1 minute. Place the chestnuts into a large glass bowl and pour boiling hot water over them. You will need to completely cover the chestnuts with the water. Leave them to soak for 1 minute and then pour the chestnuts into a colander to drain them.[15]
Make sure to wear a pair of oven mitts when you do this since the bowl may be hot!

Fry the chestnuts for 15 minutes in a cast iron pan over medium-high heat. Turn on a burner on your stove and place a cast iron pan onto it. Then, place the chestnuts onto the pan in a single layer. Let them cook for 15 minutes, stirring them every 2 to 3 minutes to prevent them from burning.[16]
If your skillet is not large enough to fit all of the chestnuts, then you will need to do this in 2 or 3 batches.

Wrap the chestnuts into a tea towel and let them cool for 10 minutes. After the chestnuts are done, pour them into an open tea towel on your counter. Then fold up the tea towel around the chestnuts like a parcel. Let the chestnuts sit in the tea towel for 10 minutes.[17]
Another option is to remove the pan from the heat, place a lid on the skillet, and let the chestnuts cool this way.

Peel the chestnuts after 10 minutes. Once the chestnuts have cooled, begin peeling away the shells using your fingers. Start by peeling the shells away from the chestnuts around the score marks. Remove the shells completely to get at the meat.[18]
Don’t wait longer than 10 minutes to peel the chestnuts or it may be more difficult to remove them from their shells. It is bets to peel them while they are still warm.

Cooked and peeled chestnuts will stay fresh in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.[19]

in this video Chef Jason Hill shows you how to roast chestnuts.

EditThings You’ll Need
EditIn the Oven
Paring knife


Baking Sheet

Oven mitts

A large glass bowl

EditOver an Open Fire
Paring knife

Foil, oven roasting pan, or cast iron pan

Fireproof silicone oven mitts

EditIn a Frying Pan
Paring knife

Cast iron pan


Clean tea towel

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EditQuick Summary
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