How to Get Free Makeup Samples

If you’re someone who loves makeup, you know that the cost of cosmetics can add up fast. Fortunately, there are ways to get free makeup samples, whether you want to test out a new product or just want to save money. You can get samples online by joining a rewards program or becoming a product tester, for example, or find freebies in person at a store or beauty convention. Go get your goodies!

EditGetting Free Samples Online
Sign up to be a product tester if you don’t mind trying new items. Find companies that offer cosmetic product testing or review programs. Register to receive samples in exchange for writing positive reviews, sharing the product on your social media pages, or completing a survey.[1]
Know what the expectations are when you sign up. For example, if you agree to share the product on your Facebook page, ask the company if there’s there a specific photo you need to post, key talking points, or a certain time they want the post to go up.

Some popular companies for makeup testing include Influenster, PINCHMe, and Vogue Insiders.

Join rewards programs if you have favorite stores where you always shop. Sign up to be a member of a retailer’s rewards program or subscribe to their email newsletter for the opportunity to receive free samples when you join or on your birthday. Check to make sure that the program is free to join before registering.[2]
To become a member at most stores, you only need a valid email address.

You can join as many different retailers’ programs as you’d like to reap all the rewards.

Buy products that come with free samples if they’re available. Look at a retailer’s website to find any current deals or promotions that give you samples for free with the purchase of other items. If you need to buy a hairbrush, for example, buy it from the site that offers 3 free samples of other cosmetics with any purchase instead of the site without any perks.[3]
For instance, if you order a makeup item online from Sephora, you’ll receive 2 free beauty samples.[4]
Some companies may have a minimum purchase to receive samples, like $25 or $50.

Keep an eye out for these types of deals around the holidays, like Christmas or New Year’s, when they’re more popular.

Enter a giveaway on social media if you want to win samples. Follow your favorite beauty brands on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for the chance to win free samples through giveaways. Keep an eye out for contests that require you to like, share, or comment on a post to be entered to win.[5]
Make sure your notifications from the brand’s page are turned on in your settings if you’re using Instagram.

Request samples by writing an email if you want a specific product. Make a list of brands or companies where you’d like to get free samples from. Then, find an email address for the company’s media relations or customer service department on the company’s “About Us” or “Contact Us” page. To write the email, start by complimenting the company’s cosmetics and then work your way to requesting samples. When you’re finished, hit the send button.[6]
If you’re a blogger or social media influencer, include that you can provide free publicity to your followers for the brand.

EditScoring Free Samples in Person
Get a free makeover at a beauty store to take home samples. Find out if the store offers complimentary services like makeup tutorials or demonstrations. If they do, sit for your makeover and then ask if you can take any leftover samples that the makeup artist uses home with you.
Pick a service related to the type of samples you want. For example, if you’d like free foundation samples, choose a skincare, foundation, or concealing makeup lesson rather than one on lips.

Popular stores that do free makeovers include Sephora, MAC, and Nordstrom.

Ask for samples at a beauty counter or store. Tell the salesperson you want to try a new product or that you’re a new customer, which makes them more likely to give you free samples to encourage you to come back. Know what specific brands or items you want samples of ahead of time and be confident and polite when talking to the salesperson.[7]

Attend beauty conventions if you don’t mind paying the registration fee. While you’ll have to pay for admission to these events, you’ll also have the opportunity to collect tons of free samples once you’re inside. Take a tote bag and browse the different vendors, who will often have baskets of cosmetic samples sitting out for you to snag.
Conferences can range from $50 to $100, depending on the size.

Search for conventions and conferences in your area or follow popular beauty bloggers to find which events they attend or like.

Shop on Black Friday if you want free samples in November. Go to stores on Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. when retailers offer some of the best deals of the year. Visit the shop of your choice on that Friday, where a lot of places put out free samples or offer freebies with purchases to entice customers.
Go as early in the day as possible, preferably in the morning, because products, especially free ones, will run out quickly.

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Today in History for 8th February 2019

Historical Events

1931 – Gas explosion Fire in Fushun-coal mine, Manchuria kills 3,000
1958 – Edgar Whitehead succeeds Garfield Todd as premier of South Rhodesia
1963 – AFL’s Dallas Texans become KC Chiefs
1971 – Pedro Morales beats Ivan Koloff in NY, to become WWF wrestling champ
1996 – The U.S. Congress passes the Communications Decency Act.
2015 – 57th Grammy Awards: Best Song “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith, Best Album “Morning Phase” by Beck

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Famous Birthdays

1902 – Demchugdongrub, Mongolian politician (d. 1966)
1911 – Anne Aitken, [nee Hopkins], co-found (Diamond Sangha), born in Chicago, Illinois
1925 – Alvin Brehm, American musician and composer, born in NYC, New York (d. 2014)
1936 – Larry Verne, singer (Custer)
1964 – Dennis Gibson, NFL inside linebacker (San Diego Chargers)
1977 – Barry Hall, Australian rules footballer

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Famous Deaths

1587 – Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots (1560-87), beheaded at 44 [NS=Feb 18]
1821 – Paul Anton Wineberger, composer, dies at 62
1849 – France Preseren, Slovenian poet (Sonetni Venec), dies at 48
1878 – Elias M. Fries, Swedish botanist (System mycologicum), dies at 83
1888 – Robert H. Anderson, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army, dies at 52
1924 – Gee John, US mobster (1st executed in gas chamber-Nevada), dies

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How to Make Paper Bookmarks

Bookmarks are handy for almost anyone, especially for avid readers and students. Decorate a simple bookmark using paper cutouts, markers, and ribbon, or make a more intricate design by weaving paper strips together. For something non-traditional, fold paper to make a corner bookmark. Keep your bookmark for yourself, or give it as a gift!

EditDecorating a Rectangular Paper Bookmark
Cut a piece of cardstock into a rectangle. Measure your paper to find the desired dimensions and mark them with a pencil. Then, cut along the lines to create your bookmark.[1]
Adjust the dimensions if you want the bookmark to be smaller or bigger.

Draw a picture on the cardstock rectangle to add a design element. Use a pencil to create an outline of your picture and then color it in with markers, colored pencils, or crayons. You can draw anything you want on your bookmark![2]Try drawing an animal, such as a dog, cat, bird, or mouse.

Draw a landscape, such as a view of the beach, the mountains, or the desert.

Keep it simple with a couple of stick figures, shapes, or symbols.

Glue on paper cutouts or pictures if you want a collage on the bookmark. Cut shapes out of construction paper or cardstock, cut pictures out of magazines, or use a few photos of your own to decorate your bookmark. Apply a bit of white glue onto the back of the cutout or picture and press it onto the bookmark wherever you want it to go.[3]Try cutting out hearts and stars for a simple way to decorate your bookmark.

Cut pictures of people, animals, places, or things out of a magazine and paste these onto your bookmark.

Choose a picture of your family, significant other, or child and glue it onto the bookmark.

Add an inspirational quote to make your bookmark more meaningful. Use your bookmark as a reminder to help keep you in a positive mindset! Choose an inspirational quote or message and write it on your bookmark using colored pencils, crayons, or markers. Some options include:[4] “Each person must live their life as a model for others.” -Rosa Parks

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” -Robin Williams

“You are enough just as you are.” -Megan Markle

“You get what you give.” -Jennifer Lopez

Punch a hole in 1 end of the bookmark and tie ribbon through it to add flair. For an extra finishing touch on your bookmark, use a single hole punch to make a hole about from the end of the bookmark. Cut a piece of ribbon about long, insert it through the hole, and tie it in a bow.[5]If you have a specialty hole punch, you can cut out shapes, such as a heart or star, and string the ribbon through the hole.

EditCreating a Woven Paper Bookmark
Cut out 4 strips of paper. Measure and mark your paper with a ruler and pencil. Then, use a sharp pair of scissors to cut out the strips. The paper should look like long, thin strips of ribbon.[6]
Don’t worry if the strips seem too long for a bookmark. You will be weaving them together so your finished bookmark will be about half as long as the individual strips are now.

Glue the ends of 2 pieces so they form a right (90 degree) angle. Place 1 strip on a flat surface, then add a dot of white glue to the end of it. Lay the end of another strip over the end of this strip so that the 2 strips form a right (90 degree) angle.[7]
Layer the other 2 pieces so that they are parallel with the first 2. Next, add another drop of glue on each strip about from where the first 2 strips cross. Then, lay the end of a strip over the dot of glue so that it is right next to the first strip. Repeat this for the other side.[8]Make sure you have 2 parallel strips on 1 side of the right angle and 2 on the other side.

Fold and glue the outer strips over the inner strips 1 at a time. Take the glue and add a dot to the strip next to it. Then, fold the strip at a 45-degree angle so that it overlaps the strip next to it. Press it into the glue.[9]Repeat this on the opposite side.

Repeat the process with the new outer strips. Continue to fold the outer strips over the inner strips to weave them together. Alternate sides as you go so that you switch to the other side after each time you fold a strip.[10]
Trim the end when you finish. Keep folding and gluing the strips until you reach the end. Then, use your scissors to cut a straight line about from the bottom of the bookmark. This will give the bookmark a neat, uniform appearance.[11]
EditMaking a Corner Bookmark
Cut out a square of cardstock. Use a ruler and pencil to mark your paper with these dimensions. Then, cut the paper using the lines you have drawn as your guide.[12]
Use the edge of the ruler to help you draw straight lines.

Rotate the square so that it looks like a diamond. Place the square on a table, counter, or desk in front of you with the back of the paper facing up. Turn it 45 degrees to the right or left so that the square looks like a diamond.[13]If the paper has a print design on it or color on only 1 side, then make sure the non-print or back side of the paper is facing up.

Fold the bottom half of the diamond up. Grasp the bottom of the diamond, the point that is nearest to you. Then, fold it away from you so that it is aligned with the opposite point (the one furthest from you).[14]The diamond will now look like a triangle.

Bring the right and left corners up to the matched up points. Take the right side of the triangle and fold it up to the top of the triangle. Then, take the left side of the triangle and fold it up to the top of the triangle. Crease the folds by pressing on them with your fingers.[15]
Unfold the corners and fold the top of the triangle down. Next, unfold the 2 points you just folded and return them to their original positions. Take the top layer of the triangle and fold it down so that it is even with the bottom of the triangle.[16]
Fold the points back up and tuck them into the pocket. Next, return the 2 sides of the triangle to the top of the triangle. This is the position they were in before you unfolded them. Take the tips of the triangle and tuck them down into the pocket between the 2 layers.[17] Press along the edges of the pocket with your fingers to crease the folds in the tips and secure them.

Your corner bookmark is finished. You can use it as is or decorate it however you like! Try drawing on your bookmark with marker or crayons, or paste on some paper cutouts to make a face on it.[18]

Laminate your finished bookmark or cover it with a few strips of wide, clear packing tape to preserve it.

EditThings You’ll Need
EditDecorating a Rectangular Paper Bookmark
1 piece of construction paper or cardstock




Paper cutouts and pictures (optional)

Glue stick or white glue (optional)

Crayons and markers for decorating (optional)

Hole punch (optional)

Ribbon (optional)

EditCreating an Interwoven Paper Bookmark
1 piece of construction paper or cardstock




Glue stick or white glue

EditMaking a Corner Bookmark
1 piece of construction paper or cardstock




Crayons and markers for decorating (optional)

EditSources and Citations
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