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Design and Technology / Architecture

Angkor Wat Antoni Gaudí Architecture
Architecture of the California missions BT Tower Baroque
Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli Belton House
Benjamin Mountfort Buckingham Palace Canterbury Cathedral
Castra Cathedral of Chartres Cathedral of Magdeburg
Centre Georges Pompidou Christopher Wren Clifton Suspension Bridge
Colosseum Colossus of Rhodes Deconstructivism
Durham Cathedral Fort de Chartres Francis Petre
Giza pyramid complex Grand Central Station (Chicago) Great Pyramid of Giza
Great Wall of China Hadrian's Wall Holkham Hall
House IG Farben Building Inigo Jones
Leaning Tower of Pisa London Bridge Millau Viaduct
Millennium Dome Montreal Metro Mosque
National Gallery (London) Norman Foster, Baron Foster of Thames Bank Onion dome
Palace of Westminster Palazzo Pitti Palladian architecture
Parthenon Petronas Twin Towers Pyramid
Richard Rogers Rococo Sandringham House
Sicilian Baroque St Paul's Cathedral Sunol Water Temple
Sydney Opera House Taj Mahal Tay Rail Bridge
Templon Theatre Royal, Drury Lane Tower of London
Tree house Wembley Stadium Westminster Abbey
Windsor Castle Xanadu House