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History / Military History and War

AK-47 Algerian Civil War Battle of Agincourt
Battle of Amiens Battle of Jutland Battle of Warsaw (1920)
Battles of the Mexican-American War Children's Crusade Colditz Castle
Cristero War Defense of Sihang Warehouse Destroyer
Effects of nuclear explosions F-35 Lightning II F-4 Phantom II
Firearm Hero of the Russian Federation History of nuclear weapons
History of the Royal Australian Navy Imperial Japanese Navy Invasion
Invasion of Grenada Iowa class battleship Iraq War
Japanese sword Kargil War King's Regiment (Liverpool)
Krag-Jørgensen Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp Medal of Honor
Military history Military history of Canada Military history of France
Military history of the Soviet Union Military strategy Military tactics
Nuclear weapon Order of St. Patrick Order of the Bath
Order of the Garter Order of the Thistle Poison gas in World War I
Polish-Soviet War Royal Air Force Royal Marines
Royal Navy S-mine Second Congo War
Second Crusade Siege Submarine
Swedish allotment system T-34 Tank
Third Servile War Trench warfare Trinity (nuclear test)
Tsar Bomba Victoria Cross Vietnam War
Virtuti Militari War War in Darfur
Wars of Castro Wars of the Roses Weapon
Western Front (World War I) World War I Yom Kippur War