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How Not to Put Out a Metal Fire - with Steve Mould
It's a terrible idea to try to extinguish burning metal with a water or CO2 fire extinguisher. Steve Mould shows why.
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Rick Loses Gold Because Of Large Holes On Durt Reynolds! | NEW Gold Rush Season 9
Gold expert Freddy Dodge aids Rick Ness in discovering why his levels of gold are dropping. After a quick inspection he finds large holes that are allowing larger rocks into the sluice, disrupting the gold collection process.
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Designing the Future Circular Collider
Press release:
A short film about the Future Circular Collider study for a post-LHC large-scale research facility in particle physics. The film highlights the importance of continue exploring the fundamental questions about the universe and shows the importance of ...
Disaster Strikes Again As Rick Sets Up His New Feeder | NEW Gold Rush Season 9
Rick begins setting up his feeder machine for the very first time, but disaster strikes when he hits a major pipe which supports the plant and it begins leaking.
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What Are Museums for in the 21st Century? - with Tristram Hunt
What keeps museums relevant in the current era?
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The V&A is a museum with a rich history. From its Victorian roots in the Design School Movement of the 1830s to its collections from the ...
SUSHI | How It's Made
Ever wondered how sushi is made? See the whole process right here!
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How to Measure the Speed of Light with Marshmallows - Christmas Lectures with Neil Johnson
This may not be something you'd thought of doing but now you know how the speed of light can be measured using only some marshmallows and a microwave oven.
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Foot Injury Develops Into A Potentially Life Threatening Situation | Naked And Afraid
As Lacey hunts for food, Jason’s foot injury goes from bad to worse in a matter of hours. Will he be able to survive and make it to the end of the challenge?
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Can A Domino Chain Reaction Be Used To Crush A Car?! | MythBusters Jr.
A team of teenagers are taking on the challenge of creating a chain reaction of dominos which increase in size enough to be able to crush a car!
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Register Alert
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Register Alert is a service within the European Patent Register which allows you to monitor most changes to files due to procedural actions during the European patent procedure. ...
CCD - Common Citation Document (Espacenet)
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The Common Citation Document (CCD) application is a patent information tool that provides single point access to citation data for their examined patent applications.
What On Earth Is A Tuatara? | Modern Dinosaurs
Today, Department of Conservation rangers Lee and Joyce are in search of a rare animal found only on an island in New Zealand. Follow them on their quest to find and breed two Tuataras an ancient reptile that predates the ...
The World Under a Microscope - with Marty Jopson
Marty Jopson makes an entire world invisible to the naked eye visible in this demo and image filled talk.
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Take a journey from everyday life, down into the realm of microscopical wonders with Marty ...
How does GPS work? - Christmas Lecture with Neil Johnson
Neil Johnson shows how Global Positioning System devices use satellites and atomic clocks to work out your location.
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From the fabric of space-time to the ...
What is Regenerative Medicine? - with Pamela Habibović and Paolo De Coppi
How can human cells be engineered to heal bones, tissues or even organs?
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How do you create smart materials capable of healing bone, restoring kidney function or reversing the onset of diabetes? Can our ...
CERN highlights from 2018
Highlights of the year at CERN, with numerous physics results, new technologies and much more.
Whether you’re passionate about science or simply curious, young or not so young, interested in technology or in international cooperation, 2018 had some wonderful surprises ...
The Beamline for Schools #BL4S Competition is intended for high-school students from around the world and offers to use a fully equipped beam line to run the students' proposed experiments.
📝 Pre-register now and submit your proposal until 31 March ...

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