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The EdTechie Martin Weller's Personal Blog: Asking the right questions I mentioned previously that I’m hosting a series of seminars at the Open University, with the intention of showcasing our own expertise (internally and externally) and also getting us an institution to engage with current ed tech developments.
Last Thursday ...
The EdTechie Martin Weller's Personal Blog: Live like common people
You can file this under “I know you know this already, but let me rant”.
“Normal people”, “the real world”, “the university of life”, “ivory towers” – I have a list of cliches people use when talking about academia and ...
Future Leaders Connect 2018
What makes a good ethical leader? What challenges do our human rights face?
In the 70th year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, members of The Elders, three former UN High Commissioners for Human Rights and the next generation ...
The EdTechie Martin Weller's Personal Blog: Bruno’s Last Walk
In the autobiography I will never write, a chapter will surely be devoted to the dogs of my life. From the Jack Russell who used to push me around in a trolley when I was a baby, to the cross ...
The EdTechie Martin Weller's Personal Blog: The mathematics of cruelty
Warning: this is a naive politics post, best avoided by those who really know their stuff. I expect someone has written all of this much better than I have and it’s been dismissed already. But, hey, it’s my blog.
A ...
International tongue twister challenge | #NationalTongueTwisterDay
Most English speakers know about selling sea shells on the sea shore, but how do they fare with tongue twisters from Spain, France, Germany, and other European countries? We visited St James Park in London to find out.
Try more ...
The EdTechie Martin Weller's Personal Blog: Lecture capture – don’t fight it, feel it Lecture capture would be a strange choice of hill for me to die on since I work at a university that doesn’t do lectures, and have no experience of it. But Sheila MacNeill started a twitter conversation about it, and ...
The surprising link between space shuttles and meringue | FameLab
How do astronauts survive the intense heat of space travel? Aerospace engineer and Great British Bake Off star Andrew Smyth delves into the science with ginger biscuits and healthy dollop of meringue.
Andrew has been a judge for and supports ...
The EdTechie Martin Weller's Personal Blog: 25 Years of Ed Tech: Themes & Conclusions
Now that I have completed the 25 Years of Ed Tech series (which was actually 26 years, because maths), I thought I’d have an attempt at some synthesis of it and try to extract some themes. In truth, each of ...
What can caramel teach us about concrete bridges? | FameLab
Aerospace whizz and Great British Bake Off star Andrew Smyth bridges the gap between baking and science for a sugary sweet lesson in structural engineering.
Andrew has been a judge for and supports FameLab, the world's leading science communication competition. ...
The EdTechie Martin Weller's Personal Blog: 25 Years of EdTech: 2018 – Critical Ed Tech
[The last in the 25 Years of Ed Tech series]
I’ll do a conclusion and themes post (if I can be arsed) of the 25 Years series, but now we reach the end. For this year, I’ve chosen not a ...
The EdTechie Martin Weller's Personal Blog: 25 Years of Ed Tech: 2017 – blockchain
All clear now? (image from
Of all the technologies listed in this series, blockchain is perhaps the most perplexing, both in how it works and in why it is even in this list. In 2016 several people independently approached ...
Football: a history of the world's favourite sport
How did football become the biggest sport on the planet? Dr Jonathan Cable takes us on a journey from brutal ball games in Mesoamerica through to the first Football Association, and the birth of the FIFA World Cup.
Find out ...
India: A Billion Dreams | Chelsea Flower Show 2018
India: A Billion Dreams is a garden commissioned by the British Council and designed by Sarah Eberle. The cricket-themed garden celebrates 70 years of the British Council in India and the culmination of the UK-India Year of Culture.
The garden ...
GO Wales Stori Rachael
Gwyliwch y fideo hwn i ddysgu am brofiadau un o’n myfyrwyr ar y rhaglen GO-Wales
GO Wales Stori Rachael - Cyflogwyr
Gwyliwch y fideo hwn i weld sut mae un o’n partneriaid-gyflogwyr wedi cefnogi myfyriwr OUiW ar ei raglen GO-Wales.
GO Wales Rachael’s story – Employers
Watch this video to see how one of our employer partners have supported an OUiW student on the GO-Wales programme.
GO Wales Rachael’s story
Watch this video to learn about the experiences of one of our students on the GO-Wales programme.
OU Apprenticeships: Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust
Lee Gifford, Apprentice Lead, and Maz Fosh, Director of Workforce and Transformation, talk about Trust's journey to become a centre of excellence in Lincolnshire for apprenticeships and their experience with The Open University.
How much is your country opening up its universities to the world?
Being an international university means a lot more than attracting foreign students, and some countries have particularly conducive conditions for an international higher education system.
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Our latest report, 'The shape of global higher ...
Are cities becoming more powerful than nations?
As cities grow in economic power and international connections, will they clash more with national governments? Can they afford to ignore their governments? And how should national governments respond to cities' economic ascent?
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Why are similar businesses located closely to one another?
What causes businesses to cluster in certain parts of a city, and is it a good thing? We asked Kat Hanna, Research Manager at the Centre for London, a think-tank focusing on the UK capital.
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To succeed in a creative career, consider moving to a city
Andy Pratt, Professor of Cultural Economy at City University London, explains why he thinks cities are vital for people in the creative industries.
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Andy will speak at Going Global, the British Council's international ...
Notice: Financial notice to improve: Daventry UTC A financial notice to improve issued to Daventry UTC by the Education Funding Agency.
Form: School nurseries capital fund: application form Form and guidance for applicants for the school nurseries capital fund (SNCF).
Detailed guide: 16 to 19 education: funding allocations Information about how 16 to 19 funding is allocated to colleges, providers, schools and academies.
Transparency data: Academy trusts: late financial returns 2017 to 2018 A list of academy trusts that were late submitting 2 or more financial returns in the 2017 to 2018 academic year.

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