Engineering and Manufacturing

Hong Kong team develops 4D printing for ceramics
Elastomeric precursor allows 4D printing of mechanically robust shapes with complex geometry, with potential applications in electronics, decorative arts and aerospace
Four-dimensional printing refers to the manufacture of geometries that can reshape or self assemble over time, with the influence ...
D-shaped design eradicates instabilities in high-power lasers
An international team of scientists believes it has overcome a long-standing limitation in conventional high-powered lasers with a D-shaped laser design that limits beam instabilities.
D-shaped laser cavity tackles instability in high-powered lasers (Credit: Yale University)High-powered lasers are used in ...
Paper-based biobattery uses bacteria to power IoT sensors
Researchers at the State University of New York, Binghamton have created a biobattery made from paper that uses bacteria as its power source.
(Credit: Seokheun Choi)In remote parts of the world, access to batteries for medical devices and diagnostic equipment ...
The Right PDM choice for your manufacturing needs
Hear Jim Brown, President Tech-Clarity, Mark Lobo, Senior Director PLM Solutions Management, and Alan Goldman Vice President Cloud Services at PTC explain how to:
Navigate the PDM imperative.
Assess vendor and service requirements.
Decide on deployment options.
Choose the right ...
How SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES drastically improved access to its processes to achieve 200+% ROI
SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES, an international aircraft engine, rocket engine, aerospace-component, and defense company, was like most organizations. They knew that documenting their processes was essential, but struggled with the complexity and cost. With Integrity Process Director, SAFRAN AIRCRAFT ENGINES achieved ...
Updated online Asbestos Essentials for Non-Licensed work with asbestos Asbestos Essentials online task sheets provide information for those in the building maintenance and allied trades on safe work with asbestos. ย The suite of free-to-download HSE Asbestos Essentials task sheets has been reviewed and updated.ย  There is more emphasis on ...

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