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The Deisel Brothers T-Shirt Cannon Is Almost Ready For Blast Off! #DieselBrothers | Mondays at 9p
Pace and Ryan are just about finished fabricating the rotating turret seat so they let Muscle hop on for a spin to verify its safety ...
Research Headlines - 'Green chemistry' for pharmaceuticals An EU-funded project is exploring techniques to produce key ingredients required for pharmaceuticals through more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly processes.
Will These Guys Earn Their Steak Dinner For Getting This '32 Ford Up And Running? #MisfitGarage | Wednesdays at 9p
This quintessential hot rod gets a modern makeover with a blown 383 small block Chevy motor. Hear her purr.
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Ancient DNA data fills in thousands of years of human prehistory in Africa By sequencing the ancient genomes of 15 individuals from different parts of Africa, researchers reporting in the journal Cell on Sept. 21 have reconstructed the prehistory of humans on the ...
EIT ICT Labs recently launched the 2015 edition of Idea Challenge. Don't miss your chance to give your... EIT ICT Labs kicks off pan-European Startup Contest Idea Challenge | European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)European open innovation organisation EIT ICT Labs calls for high-growth European startups active in digital technologies to apply for the 2015 edition of its Idea Challenge contest. The call for application is ...+1s 3 4 0

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