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The Bronx Was A "War Zone" In The 1970s | Street Justice: The Bronx Street Justice: The Bronx | Tuesdays at 9p
To say the south Bronx was dangerous in the 1970s would be an understatement. Officers in the 41st precinct had their hands ...
What Does Brad Garrett Like Most About This '32 Ford? #MisfitGarage | Wednesdays at 9p
Everybody Loves Raymond star and poker pro, Brad Garrett, swings by to chat with the Misfits at Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas.
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Life In The Last Frontier Isn't Always Hard... Sometimes It's Cute! #AlaskaTLF | Sundays at 9p
Eivin and Eve talk about raising the kids on television.
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Check out The Last Frontier live ...
Ancient DNA data fills in thousands of years of human prehistory in Africa By sequencing the ancient genomes of 15 individuals from different parts of Africa, researchers reporting in the journal Cell on Sept. 21 have reconstructed the prehistory of humans on the ...
Research Headlines - Better understanding of colon cancer to help guide treatment EU-industry funded researchers have worked to identify and characterise signs of cancer, particularly colon cancers, and patients' responses to different types of treatment. The aim is to help doctors choose ...
EIT ICT Labs recently launched the 2015 edition of Idea Challenge. Don't miss your chance to give your... EIT ICT Labs kicks off pan-European Startup Contest Idea Challenge | European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)European open innovation organisation EIT ICT Labs calls for high-growth European startups active in digital technologies to apply for the 2015 edition of its Idea Challenge contest. The call for application is ...+1s 3 4 0

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