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Genetic evidence points to nocturnal early mammals New genetic evidence suggesting that early mammals had good night-time vision adds to fossil and behavioral studies indicating that early mammals were nocturnal.
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Research unlocks molecular key to animal evolution and disease The dawn of the Animal Kingdom began with a collagen scaffold that enabled the organization of cells into tissues, scientists report in a new article.
Sea scorpions: The original sea monster Related to both modern scorpions and horseshow crabs, sea scorpions had thin, flexible bodies. Some species also had pinching claws and could grow up to three metres in length. New ...
Behind the iron curtain: How methane-making microbes kept the early Earth warm Using mud pulled from the bottom of a tropical lake, researchers at have gained a new grasp of how ancient microbes made methane in the complex iron chemistry of the ...
Distantly related fish find same evolutionary solution to dark water Changes in a single color-vision gene demonstrate convergent evolutionary adaptations in widely separated species and across vastly different time scales, according to a new study. The study, which combined genetic ...
Palaeontologist reconstructs feathered dinosaurs in the flesh Until now it has been hard to get an accurate idea of the shape of a dinosaur from its fossilized remains, as only their bones are usually preserved. Using a ...
Viral fossils reveal how our ancestors may have eliminated an ancient infection Scientists have uncovered how our ancestors may have wiped out an ancient retrovirus around 11 million years ago.

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