Spitting, Tree-Climbing Goats Spread Seeds Tree-climbing goats in Morocco give their roosts a boost … by spitting the trees' seeds on the ground.
Whales Only Recently Evolved into Giants The early ancestors of 100-foot-long blue whales were dolphin-sized, according to new research that explains how they and other whale giants got to be so big.
4 Squirrels Get Tails Entangled in Bizarre Video (Here's How) A bizarre video shows four baby squirrels limping along with their tails entangled, likely because they got them stuck in tree sap.
Nimble Robot Has Flexible, 3D-Printed Legs | Video Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a soft robot that is capable of walking on rough surfaces, such as sand and pebbles.
Double First: 19th-Century Book Is 1st with Photos, by 1st Female Photographer The Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands has acquired a photography first: the first book to be illustrated with photos, by a pioneering female photographer.
New Experimental Space Plane Design Released by DARPA | Video The new design will give the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency the ability to launch within days. The new Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) is called Phantom Express.
How Accurate Is Your Fitness Tracker, Really? A new study put seven popular fitness trackers to the test, to check the accuracy of their heart rate and energy expenditure measurements.
9 Craziest Skydives of All Time A history of risky high-altitude stunts.
Keeping Cool: The Science of Sweat Sweating is the human body’s way to keep cool through the evaporation of liquid released from the sweat glands.
Dragon Ant, Devil Orchid Star in Top 10 Newfound Species The top 10 highlight global biodiversity — as well as a slew of interesting names.
Understanding a changing Europe through big data The EU-funded LONGPOP project will train young researchers in the skills needed to fully exploit big data. With a focus on social change, the researchers will be able to apply ...
Tritium-extracting solution decontaminates nuclear waste EU-funded researchers have been recognised for their ground-breaking work on recovering and reusing waste material in nuclear fusion reactors. They developed and demonstrated new membrane technologies capable of decontaminating waste ...
Ready to wear electronics Scientists at a research facility in the German city of Berlin dream of clothing that produces energy as we walk. They have combined very different nanomaterials into so-called energy harvesters.
Behind the wall: uncovering the effectiveness of migration policy Comprehensive new databases of migration flows and policy data since World War II highlight how some policy choices have had unintended effects.
Buy locally, buy quality: sustainability in public food procurement School meals don't matter only to kids and their parents. Like other services within the scope of public sector food procurement, they also matter economically. Determination to source produce locally ...
Smartphone solutions for smarter, greener urban mobility If the arrival of spring is not enough to get you out walking and cycling, an EU-funded initiative is launching a number of mobile applications offering incentives to lead a ...
Fluid glass in windows which could provide an energy In Liechtenstein a project is developing windows which could provide a source of energy. The outer face of the window is able to collect solar radiation and transform it into ...
Research and analysis: Life science sector data, 2017 Charts providing information of the UK life science sector, and how it compares to other countries. Areas covered include:
UK industry
research and development
regulatory environment
clinical research
Research and analysis: Bioscience and health technology database: annual report 2016 This annual report analyses the updated 2016 dataset from the bioscience and health technology database. The data relates to companies that are active in the UK in the health life ...
Research and analysis: Attitudes to animal research in 2016 This report presents the findings of a 2016 survey on public awareness of, and attitudes towards, the use of animals in scientific research. The survey also examines attitudes towards, and ...

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