#TBT PAG XXV Kellie Watson presented at LGC’s Accelerating Trait discovery workshop. Check it out https://t.co/chQIkdM7el https://t.co/izK4SE7fwe
Yousuke Taoke, University of Miyazaki discusses the potential of Thraustochytrids as novel probiotics in #aquaculture @Aquaculturesumt https://t.co/GrMSmPTru6
Development of compound that captures specific alkane gas molecule with its color change (Kanazawa University) A ring-shaped molecule based on pillar[5]arene conjugated with benzoquinone has been developed, the powder of which selectively captures n-alkane gas molecule by host-guest complexation but not branched or ...
New drug therapy could improve brain function and life expectancy of ALS patients (American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) The Ben-Gurion U. researcher successfully redesigned a portion of MabThera, an FDA-approved drug used to treat certain autoimmune diseases and types of cancer, into a new ...
Designer worm spit supercharges healing (James Cook University) Every day 12 Australian diabetics have a limb amputated because of a non-healing wound. Globally, it's one every 30 seconds. A molecule produced by a Thai liver ...
Inspiring day interviewing with partners @NPL @LGCGroup for CSO Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Great science can't wait to announce winners
We will be live in a few minutes from @CERN Control Centre. Join us! https://t.co/I2cfKdKbSy #WhatsUpLHC https://t.co/pnN38hKGyU
Printable elastic conductors by in situ formation of silver nanoparticles from silver flakes
https://t.co/W9WJvBKFmD (free view) https://t.co/1eYRodCzDx
Labeling a bacterial cell 'jacket' (University of Delaware) A team of researchers from the University of Delaware have discovered how to label and light the sugar backbone of a bacterial cell wall. The findings will ...
High voltage for tomorrow's particle accelerator (ETH Zurich) On behalf of CERN, researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a high-tech device for the production of extremely precise, high voltage pulses that could be used in the ...
Where you grow what you grow (American Society of Agronomy) A new study looks at how three varieties of camelina perform when grown in two different regions within the Great Plains. The end goal is to ...
The 2017 #LHC physics run begins! The experiments are now collecting data. #WhatsUpLHC https://t.co/ixkinKU0aB https://t.co/b6cvYYng9Q
Download our interactive Gen eBook "Accelerating Science Using Integrated PCR Tools" here: https://t.co/WIuMqXLhpB #PCR #Genomics https://t.co/kKjIFLEH3x
What's next for science, technology & business? Take our survey and we'll donate £1 to charity for every response https://t.co/JheJhoCw23 https://t.co/cd41VAIu7u
GC team delivers successful annual postgraduate training course https://t.co/fUeIditmKw
Coming in June, the new CERN Alumni network.
Find out more here: https://t.co/QO7vVmmwC8
Watch alumni videos here: https://t.co/Nhuzq6AaSP https://t.co/QgWeY5Cpth
CERN & @CNES agreement kickstarts aerospace collaborations, from #radiation studies to mini #satellites #CERNKT https://t.co/nfoMAH0fiw https://t.co/78TbgwwNug
What does the National Measurement Laboratory actually do? Check it out: https://t.co/sRhz9QIJya #WeekendReading #NMI #Measurement https://t.co/eAqFuljsDz
Are you interested in science? Why not apply for our #Forensic apprenticeship today! #LGCcareers #Apprenticeship https://t.co/oyhw9rbBDj https://t.co/YzepBHJZQj

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