Secure your device with Windows Hello
Trouble remembering passwords? Say hello to one less thing worry about. Explore our #accessibility tools, like Windows Hello, here. #Inclusion
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Put speech to paper with Dictation
People with mobility and vision disabilities can easily turn speech into text with the Dictation #accessibility tool. See how here. #Inclusion
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Avoid distractions with Focus Assist
Dial down the distractions. If your people want to turn off notifications, turn them on to the power of Focus Assist. #Accessibility #Inclusion
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Get more focus time with My Analytics
Looking for a better work/life balance for your employees? Look no further than My Analytics, which suggests ways to work smarter. #Accessibility #Inclusion
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Find what you’re looking for with Tell Me
With Tell Me, your employees can find what they need without searching. Ideal for people with low vision or cognitive disabilities. #Accessibility #Inclusion
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Listen to your favourite article with Read Aloud
Sit back, relax, and take it all in. Read Aloud can read websites, PDFs, and ePUBs out loud. Learn more here. #Accessibility #Inclusion
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Make exploring literature easier with Reading Mode
Want to make reading easier and more enjoyable for your team? Meet Reading Mode, and all our other #accessibility features, here. #Inclusion
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Explore other languages with Translate
Did you know? You can optimise content for different audiences using Office 365’s built-in translator. Explore our #accessibility tools today. #Inclusion
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Help in creating content for all with Accessibility Checker
Do you really know what makes a document accessible? Find out how your employees can use #Accessibility Checker for tips and tricks.
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Improve your writing with Editor
You can get rid of grammar headaches – and make sure your language is inclusive – with Microsoft Editor. Find out more here. #Accessibility
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Make viewing easier with Magnifier
Get down to the detail. You can make all or part of what you’re looking at bigger and bolder, with Magnifier. Learn more. #Accessibility
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Share your ideas with PowerPoint Subtitles
When you’re presenting your next big idea, make sure everyone’s included. Turn on PowerPoint subtitles. Find out more here. #Accessibility
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Help everyone participate with Teams Subtitles
Crucial meeting? Catch every word with real-time subtitles in Teams. And make sure everyone can keep track and participate. Find out more here. #Accessibility
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Save time with PowerPoint Designer
Content is what counts, but style can be a hassle. Find out how all your employees can get a great finish, with PowerPoint Designer. #Accessibility
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Customise your display with Colour filters
Seeing clearly? Your employees can tailor their viewing experience with colour filters. Find out more here. #Accessibility
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DigiGirlz: Inspiring girls to #makewhatsnext
At Microsoft UK, we host DigiGirlz events at our offices to inspire year 8 girls to #makewhatsnext and consider a career in STEM. To learn more about DigiGirlz and see how your institution could get involved, please head here:
Talent Acquisition and Onboarding in the UK
Hear from Tony Lasocki, Microsoft UK Talent Acquisition Lead, and Claire Purdue, Microsoft UK Technical Solutions Professional; as they discuss Microsoft’s approach to finding and hiring the world’s best talent in line with Microsoft’s mantra, as well as the importance ...
Digital Transformation in HR
Hear from Andrea Winfield, Microsoft UK HR Director and Claire Purdue, Microsoft UK Technical Solutions Professional; as they discuss how Microsoft’s journey towards digital transformation in HR, and how we’re helping other organisations with theirs.
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Think big and dream bold at London Tech Week
From 11-15th June 2018, we’re celebrating technology throughout the city. With over 20 events, including a few surprises, Microsoft is showcasing key topics such as AI and Modern Workplace, focusing on how they’re helping transform business, address our greatest societal ...
Centrica give their people a voice with Yammer
See how Centrica gain employee feedback and implement ideas using Yammer.
Art of Work - Architecture Social Club
See the work of the Architecture Social Club at Art of Work - an immersive and intelligent Cloud experience from Microsoft Azure & SAP. Visit
Callcredit experience rapid growth with Microsoft's cloud
Find out how Callcredit have utilised the power of Microsoft Azure.
Redwood Bank puts business customers first with Microsoft Azure
Discover how Redwood Bank has put its business customers first with Microsoft Azure.
Agrimetrics grow smarter solutions with Azure
Agrimetrics uses AI powered by Microsoft Azure to grow smarter agriculture solutions, modernising the whole agrifoods industry.
PRS for Music turn up their capabilities with Azure
Find out how Microsoft Azure has revolutionised the speed and scale at which PRS for Music can operate at.
#My365 PowerPoint: Fluidly animate with morph.
Want to make your PowerPoint presentation more engaging?
This Office 365 tip is all about morphing your slides. How do you make your slides engaging?
#My365 PowerPoint: Learn the fidly bits with "tell me"
Want to do something in PowerPoint but not sure how?
Use ‘Tell Me’ and get a point in the right direction.
#My365 PowerPoint: Re-fit for purpose with resize slide.
Don’t just stick with the default PowerPoint slide size if it’s not the right fit 😮 Resize it so it's just right!
Ping Pong re-cook their customer feedback with TruRating
TruRating utilise the Microsoft cloud to provide Ping Pong with a solution to gain real-time customer feedback.

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