@kid_jenius Hello there, Daniel. We have no updates on this, yet. We'll be in contact with you as soon as we do. Regards.
@mrchan Glad to hear that everything worked out. Let us know if we can assist you with anything in the future. Happy weekend 🙂
@SeedandNut Our apologies for any inconvenience. What seems to be going on? Perhaps we can lend you a hand.
@mrswagga2301 That's music to our ears. We'll pass your suggestion along to our team. Happy dev'ing 🙂
Our #Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update just hit the site. Hint: @zacbowden is NOT impressed:
https://t.co/VWegjEO0z7 https://t.co/Yj2LJm6Vmu
@johnwargo That's odd, John. Please share a screenshot of the issue with us.
@jadytrix Welcome aboard, Mario! How is the update coming along? Keep us in mind if assistance is needed.
Microsoft Edge is the best way to Netflix. Stream in 4K Ultra HD with native Dolby Digital Plus audio. Check it out: https://t.co/Fh6vadzBlV https://t.co/cVvUzv25cJ
@jollyjellycoco This might be related to using an overloaded function in cref. BTW, can you tell us which VS 2015 update you are running?
Nier: Automata is a sleek and stylish RPG for PC that you don't want to miss, we promise!
https://t.co/xpMlXT5Kve https://t.co/uxpW3iObyc
Two young changemakers, Maia, a 17-year-old inventor, and Tiera, an engineer working with NASA, encouraged youth to pursue STEM at #WEDay. https://t.co/DIn0GNwMTa
Tomorrow is Earth Day! We rounded up the best Windows 10 Earth Day apps to help you live a bit more ... "green:"
https://t.co/zEdjDTtMck https://t.co/4zVLXHjtui
Kiss your monthly modem rental fees goodbye! Buy your own hardware for as little as $20 https://t.co/ZmLbjDqDRM https://t.co/3w0Ifgervw
From teaching traditionalist to tech evangelist: Summer Winrotte has transformed her classroom with Surface and OneNote. https://t.co/9mum6y2ZND
Hundreds of youth are headed to #WEDay Seattle to celebrate the power of service. @Microsoft is proud to be part of the @WEMovement. https://t.co/G0zMCFXII2
res.cloudinary.com We've got that #FridayFeeling!
How about you guys?
@bgetreu Can you verify your Insider settings? Set to the fast ring? Any restart messages on that screen? ^JH
res.cloudinary.com We'd love to hear what an average Wednesday looks like for you? #9to5
Timeline Photos We are all #creators. Welcome to a world where every person is empowered to achieve more. http://msft.social/dkEouw

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