From BM Shop: Sterli From BM Shop: Sterling silver bracelet engraved with lines from one of Shakespeare's love sonnets. 2 Repin 0 Likes
19th-century paintin 19th-century painting from India highlights the love of the two central characters, Radha and Krishna. 0 Repin 2 Likes
From the BM Shop: A From the BM Shop: A heart pendant necklace printed with floral patterns inspired by the 19th century artwork of William Morris. 3 Repin 0 Likes
Magpies' BLACK feath Magpies' BLACK feathers take on an iridescent sheen thanks to structural colour #RainbowNature #ColourAndVision 12 Repin 4 Likes
Colour in the collec Colour in the collections: bird taxidermy at the Natural History Museum 1 Repin 0 Likes

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