'Science is real,' marchers in nation's capital and worldwide declare https://t.co/tTOLBvG340
New Vi Headphones Use Artificial Intelligence to Make You a Smarter Runner: https://t.co/HRioYZ8C9J https://t.co/O0Yhz5K9oa
Some Bose Wireless Headphones Track and Share What You Listen to, Lawsuit Says: https://t.co/XpjJoVvD7k https://t.co/a8uymco4wB
Fire at PG&E substation leaves thousands without power in San Francisco https://t.co/9lfNXuIiF2
Russian hacker went from poverty to making millions in stolen credit cards. Now he's facing 27 years in prison https://t.co/polm5HciIx
Apt: Unseasonably hot weather expected for Saturday's March for Science in L.A. https://t.co/YqNXr7H6m7
We're very worried about "electrical fraud" @bbchignfy - check our website for advice on avoiding electrical fakes! https://t.co/cydEZaa6c6
#FraudFriday Watch out - reports of emails like this, with your correct address/tel info inc. to catch you out - likely link to malware. https://t.co/Ki4FqZ3mlE
Long-standing cooperation bw @EU_Commission & nat experts. Meet the people who keep you safe from #dangerousproducts />https://t.co/TsndpUxn9j
1 in 6 cigarettes and more than half of hand rolling tobacco smoked in the South West is illegal https://t.co/P8o1TXJrcI
Don't miss out on all the opportunities #ConsumerChampion offers you: e-learning, resources & more! #EU4Consumers https://t.co/pjdpdUjubQ https://t.co/VGprmA5LcD
Microwaves are one of the most popular household appliances in the UK, so you need to know how to use them safely https://t.co/2BgQDbYdbB https://t.co/zsnmRnXaag
If you buy a cheap portable charger from a dodgy online store or market stall, you're putting yourself at risk https://t.co/C7Tkf5HI5Q https://t.co/cLoQvXfOnj

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