You may be at a higher risk for #BreastCancer at a young age if any of these apply to you. #BringYourBrave
New “We Were There": Watch “How Deadly Burgers Made Food Safer -- The Impact of the 1993 E. coli O157 Outbreak” on Facebook live 5/25 1pm ET
@IJCsharedwaters CDC has not been using a general hashtag for Healthy & Safe Swimming Week, but you can follow tweets from Monday’s chat at #HealthySwimChat
11 & 12 year olds need vaccines to protect them from meningitis, HPV cancers, pertussis, and flu.
And thank you to @NCHPAD and all our partners who participated today! #Fit4All
Our Disability and Health website is a one-stop shop for info: #Fit4All
A7 Offer physical activity programs that help people to be as active as their abilities or conditions allow. #Fit4All
A7 Open and promote places in communities for people to be active such as schools, parks or malls. #Fit4All
A7 Design communities that make it safe and easy for people of all ages and abilities to be active. #Fit4All
Follow @CDC_NCBDDD for updates on CDC’s continuing work in disabilities and health. #Fit4All
National Statistics: Cancer registration statistics, England: 2015 Official statistics are produced impartially and free from any political influence.
Guidance: Bloodborne virus: managing risk in bomb blast victims This guidance covers:
assessing risk of transmission of BBVs
post-exposure interventions for the management of BBVs
managing BBVs in bomb blast victims
Research and analysis: Health Protection Report volume 11 (2017) Updated: HPR 11(18) infection reports uploadedHealth Protection Report (HPR) comprises routine reports on infections (microbiological and epidemiological data and associated commentary) together with a digest of news on infections and ...
Challenges and hope in delivering health in South Sudan In South Sudan, the World Health Organization (WHO) supports the Ministry of Health and works with 67 Health Cluster partners to provide health services within a country disrupted by conflict. ...
Stop the violence. Protect health care In the last few months, a number of attacks against health-care workers, medical transports and facilities have taken place in several countries, like Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen to mention a ...
Guidance: Environmental swab scheme: recent reports Updated: Updated an environmental swab scheme: distribution ES7 report.This scheme is suitable for laboratories that analyse:
swabs for hygiene indicator organisms from both random and template areas
swabs for pathogens
WHO deplores bombing of MSF clinic in Kunduz The World Health Organization deplores the bombing of a clinic run by Medecins Sans Frontieres in Kunduz, Afghanistan, and extends its sincere condolences to the families and colleagues of those ...
Guidance: MenACWY vaccine (Menveo® or Nimenrix®): patient group direction (PGD) template Updated: Added revised PGD v02.00 to replace expiring v01.00 from 1 July 2017This patient group direction (PGD) template is to support the meningococcal group A,C,W and Y vaccination programme. It ...
Guidance: Rotavirus vaccine (Rotarix®): patient group direction (PGD) template Updated: Added revised PGD v03.00 to replace expiring v02.00 from 1 July 2017.This patient group direction (PGD) template is to support the rotavirus vaccination programme. It is valid from 1 ...
Research and analysis: Notifiable diseases: causative agents report for 2017 Updated: Added report for week 20, 2017.This report compares the current week’s data on statutory notifications of causative agents to that of the previous 5 weeks.
Older weekly NOIDS causative ...

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