New handbook helps medical devices sector improve its quality management system The medical devices industry is one of the most highly regulated sectors in the world. Significant quality systems and product requirements must be satisfied to ensure the medical devices produced ...
PD ISO/TR 10064-1:2017 Code of inspection practice Measurement of cylindrical gear tooth flanks Accuracy
Spur gears
Data analysis
Helical shape
Gear drives
Gear parameters
Helical gears
Dimensional tolerances
PD ISO/TR 18818:2017 Cosmetics. Analytical method. Detection and quantitative determination of Diethanolamine (DEA) by GC/MS Raw materials
Qualitative analysis
Determination of content
Amines (aliphatic)
Chemical analysis and testing
Quantitative analysis
Mass spectrometry
Liquid chromatography
Dangerous materials
Nitroso compounds
PD ISO/TS 13399-80:2017 Cutting tool data representation and exchange Creation and exchange of 3D models. Overview and principles Data handling
Classification systems
Information exchange
File organization (computers)
Data representation
Identification methods
Data layout
Data processing
Cutting tools
Production equipment
Data elements
Data transfer
International Standards demonstrate benefits of international cooperation, says German minister “The success of International Standards is a good example of the benefits international cooperation can bring,” said Brigitte Zypries, the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, at the...
Pushing the tourism limits All tourism activities of whatever motivation – holidays, business travel, conferences, adventure travel and ecotourism – are giving the industry a big boost. Today, tourism is one of the world’s ...
Missing persons and refugees – a new target for standardization? By the end of 2016, over 65.6 million people worldwide were uprooted from their homes by conflict and persecution. Not only has this resulted in human suffering for those fleeing, but ...
Another Russian launch to celebrate ISO site goes live with three official languages:  you can now browse in Russian.
New handbook helps SMEs best manage water use Clean water is vital to life and one of our most precious resources, yet around 40% of the world’s population doesn’t have enough. At the same time, we are our ...
ISO/IEC 17025 moves to final stage of revision Calibration as well as testing and analysing a sample is the daily practice of more than 60 000 laboratories worldwide, but how can they reassure customers about the reliability of ...
New ISO standard on video fire detectors will help save lives Early detection of fire and smoke are essential to save lives, property and the environment. Modern technology such as video fire detectors, especially in some high-risk places like tunnels, oil ...
Improving the customer experience with new standards for call centres just published We all know the frustration of phoning a call centre, only to be put on hold for an interminable amount of time or taken through a long and complex series ...
All aboard for quality rail! Taking quality management a step further in the rail industry can lead to only one destination: better and safer trains. A recently published ISO technical specification promises to help keep the world’s...
The National Archives releases new MI5 files New records released today by the Security Service (MI5) include files on the silent-era film star Charlie Chaplin, the Dutch double-agent Folkert Van Koutrik and details of a Nazi plan ...
Newly released files from 1981 The National Archives has today made available public records from 1981, providing an insight into the workings of Margaret Thatcher's government in her second full year in power. The files ...
The National Archives releases new files from the Security Service The 27th records release from the Security Service MI5 contains 171 new files, bringing the total number of Security Service records at The National Archives to almost 5,000. The records ...

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