BS ISO 18170:2017 Aerospace series. AC induction electric motor driven, variable delivery, hydraulic pumps. General requirements Space transport
Alternating current
Electric motors
Quality assurance
Approval testing
The National Archives releases new MI5 files New records released today by the Security Service (MI5) include files on the silent-era film star Charlie Chaplin, the Dutch double-agent Folkert Van Koutrik and details of a Nazi plan ...
Newly released files from 1981 The National Archives has today made available public records from 1981, providing an insight into the workings of Margaret Thatcher's government in her second full year in power. The files ...
The National Archives releases new files from the Security Service The 27th records release from the Security Service MI5 contains 171 new files, bringing the total number of Security Service records at The National Archives to almost 5,000. The records ...
New government files released New files released online today by The National Archives give insight into government decisions, espionage inquiries and secret wartime intelligence.
MI5 releases new batch of files The 26th release of files from the Security Service MI5 reveals secret plans including assassination plots and use of poisons after the Second World War. This release contains 180 files, ...

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