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Ibn al-Jazzar

Abu Ja'far Ahmad ibn Abi Khalid Ibn al-Jazzar Al-Qayrawani (circa 898-980) (Arabic: أبو جعفر أحمد بن أبي خالد بن الجزار القيرواني‎), was an influential 10th-century Arab Muslim physician who became famous for his writings on Islamic medicine. He was born in Qayrawan in modern-day Tunisia.[1] He was known in Europe by the Latinized name Algizar.



His major work was Zād al-Musāfir. He also had some books on geriatric medicine and health of elderly (Kitāb Ṭibb al-Mashāyikh)[2]or (Ṭibb al-Mashāyikh wa-ḥifẓ ṣiḥḥatihim)[3]. Also a book on sleep disorders and another one on forgetfulness and how to strengthen memory (Kitāb al-Nisyān wa-Ṭuruq Taqwiyat al-Dhākira)[4] [5] and a Treatise on causes of mortality (Risāla fī Asbāb al-Wafāh)[2]. Also he had other books on pediatrics, fevers, sexual disorders, medicine of the poor[6], therapeutics, vaticum, coryza, stomach disorders, leprosy, separate drugs, compound drugs, and this is in addition to his books in other areas of science, e.g., history, animals and literature.



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