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Jabir ibn Aflah

Abu Muhammad Jabir ibn Aflah (Arabic: أبو محمد جابر بن أفلح‎, 1100 in Seville, Spain – 1150) was an Arab Muslim astronomer, mathematician and inventor whose works, once translated into Latin (under his Latinized name Geber), influenced later European mathematicians and astronomers.[1][2] He invented an observational instrument known as the torquetum, a mechanical device to transform between spherical coordinate systems.[3].Gerolamo Cardano noted much of the material of Regiomontanus on spherical trigonometry was plagiarised from the twelfth-century work of the Jäbir ibn AflaH[4].Similarly the trigonometry that Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543) outlined in the first part of his epochal work De revolutionibus was also apparently inspired by Jabir ibnAflah[5]


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