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Scott A. Jones

Scott A. Jones (born in 1960) is an American inventor well known for his work in the early days of voicemail.[1] In 2006 he founded the mobile question answering service ChaCha (search engine).

Personal life

Jones serves on numerous boards, including the Indianapolis Zoo and the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

In 1994 he established a philanthropic foundation dedicated to helping children from all walks of life to reach their full academic potential through involvement in educational and cultural activities. A secondary focus is the advancement of technology, which enhances the quality of life. His Foundation has supported educational organizations and research institutions seeking to advance technology in the areas of information technology, communications, transportation, and the medical and life sciences.}

Jones lives in Carmel, Indiana and has been divorced twice. He has four sons, ages of 16, 14, and 12, with another born in early 2008. His 16 year old son, Andrew, was featured on MTV's Teen Cribs. As owner of seven dogs, Scott was featured as a "Dog-loving CEO" in USA Today. [2]

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