Greater Rio de Janeiro

The Greater Rio de Janeiro (Grande Rio, offeecially Região Metropolitana do Rio de Janeiro, in Portuguese) is a lairge metropolitan aurie locatit in Rio de Janeiro state in Brazil, the seicont lairgest in Brazil an third lairgest in Sooth Americae. It consists o 16 municipalities, includin the caipital, Rio de Janeiro.

The metropolitan aurie o Rio de Janeiro is kent as a historical, cultural an economic centre o Brazil, wi a total population o 11.5 million inhabitants. The region wis first offeecially defined on 1 Julie 1974 efter the fusion o the Guanabara State wi Rio de Janeiro State. Several municipalities show a heich level o conurbation, wi Rio de Janeiro-Duque de Caxias an Niterói-São Gonçalo being the maist clear examples.

The watter supply plans o the region are coordinatit, an transportation in the aurie is hivily interconnectit wi urban intermunicipal buses tae aw municipalities in the aurie, trains ower the caipital an some Baixada Fluminense municipalities, ferry boats tae some o the Guanabara Bay municipalities an major inter-ceety freeways such as Ponte Rio-Niterói, Linha Vermelha, Rodovia Presidente Dutra an Rodovia Niterói-Manilha. Maist transportation methods are integratit wi the caipital inner transportation seestem o buses, trains, subweys, freeweys an expressweys.

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