Christian Budschedl

1981 (age 41–42)
Other namesKriesi
EducationVienna University of Technology, SAE Institute
Occupation(s)Digital design, human–computer interaction
Years active2008–present
Known forInteractive design, Co-Founder of Givester, digital author

Christian Budschedl (born 1981), better known as Kriesi, is an Austrian web designer, digital author, technologist, founder of, and co-founder of Givester. Kriesi, as one of the first digital template authors at Envato,[1] has been responsible for popularizing the Web 2.0 design style and website layouts[2] currently used by thousands of web designers. He was named as one of the five most influential living Human-Computer Interaction digital trendsetters in a 2012 Ben-Gurion University study of global web design techniques.[3]

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