Statistics Denmark

Statistics Denmark
Danmarks Statistik
FormationJanuary 1850
PurposeCollecting national statistics for Denmark
Parent organization
Ministry of the Interior and Housing (Denmark)

Statistics Denmark (Danish: Danmarks Statistik[1]) is a Danish governmental organization under the Ministry of the Interior and Housing[2] and which reports to the Minister of Economic and Internal Affairs.[3] The organization is responsible for creating statistics on the Danish society,[2] for example employment statistics, trade balance, and demographics.[citation needed]

Statistics Denmark makes large use of public registers in the statistical production. Population censuses have been produced entirely from registers since 1981.[citation needed]

StatBank is a large statistical database maintained by the central authority of statistics in Denmark.[4] Online distribution of statistics have been a part of the dissemination strategy in Denmark since 1985. It is updated every day at 9.00 am (CET) and contains all new statistics. The statistics can be presented as cross-tables, diagrams or maps. The output can be transferred to other programs for further compilation.[citation needed] There is also a Danish version.[5]

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