Help:Introduction to referencing with VisualEditor/6

Why references are important

Adding references
Automatically or manually

Editing existing ones
Always room for improvement

Reusing references
Some are just really useful

Reliable sources
Which sources are good enough?

Review of what you've learned


  • Information in articles needs to have references that show where that information came from.
    • Verifiable - other users must be able to check the information
    • Reliable sources - with a reputation for fact-checking and accuracy
  • Clicking the button opens a dialog box that allows you to:
    • Cite a new reference
    • Edit an existing reference
    • Reuse the same reference in several places

More detailed information

Put what you learned into practice

There are currently over 518,666 articles that have statements that need citations. The Citation Hunt tool makes referencing those statements easier by suggesting random articles which you can work on. Practice your new skills by helping us solve a "Citation needed" issue:

Test what you've learned in a sandbox Test what you've learned in a sandbox

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