Hotel Bristol, Warsaw

Hotel Bristol, Warsaw
Hotel Bristol, Warsaw (2011)
General information
Architectural styleNeo-Renaissance
LocationWarsaw, Poland
AddressKrakowskie Przedmiescie 42/44
OpeningNovember 19, 1901
OwnerTowarzystwo Akcyjne Budowy i Prowadzenia Hotelów, (1901-1928),
Bank Cukrownictwa (1928-1948),
City of Warsaw (1947-1952),
Orbis (1952-1977),
University of Warsaw (1977-1981),
Orbis (1981-2011),
Rosmarinum Investments (2011-)
ManagementMarriott International
Design and construction
Architect(s)Władysław Marconi
Other information
Number of rooms165
Number of suites41

Hotel Bristol, Warsaw is a historic five-star luxury hotel built in the Neo-Renaissance style and opened in 1901 in Warsaw, Poland. It is located in the city centre on Krakowskie Przedmieście next to the Presidential Palace.

The hotel is one of the most notable historic monuments of the Royal Route (Polish: Trakt Królewski) and remains among the few landmarks of Warsaw which emerged relatively unscathed from the city's near total destruction during World War II.[1][2] It is considered as one of Warsaw's oldest and one of the country's most luxurious hotels.

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