Wikipedia:Dispute resolution

Disagreements on Wikipedia are normal; editors will frequently disagree with each other, particularly on content decisions. Editors are expected to engage in good faith to resolve their disputes, and must not personalise disputes. Many disputes can be resolved without external input, through gradual editing, discussion, and attempts to understand the legitimate objections of others.

If discussion stalemates, editors may seek outside input to help resolve the dispute. Disputes over content have multiple venues for outside help, and related discussions can also be advertised on the talk pages of relevant WikiProjects to receive participation from interested uninvolved editors. Processes for resolving content disputes with outside help include asking for a third opinion, seeking help from a mediator, making a request at an appropriate noticeboard, or opening a request for comment. Issues of conduct may be addressed at the incidents noticeboard, and may be taken to the arbitration committee for more complex disputes.

For issues that demand immediate attention, please see urgent situations.

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