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This page is intended to get administrator attention for page revisions that meet Wikipedia's criteria for Revision Delete.

  • Requests on this page usually cover grossly offensive and disruptive material of no project benefit, including blatant copyright breach, other ordinary selective deletions under speedy deletion or IAR, and routine housekeeping. It does not cover privacy, outing, or defamation issues. Please see the criteria for full details. Repeated misuse of this noticeboard will result in a block.
  • Routine vandalism should usually just be reverted unless deletion is required. For persistent vandalism or problematic usernames, see the links at the top of this page.

User instructions

Admin instructions
Administrators must read and fully understand the guidelines below before taking action, as Revision Delete has important anti-abuse requirements. Mark requests as {{resolved}} when done (list of other templates).
General rule for appropriate usage Material must be grossly offensive or disruptive (or other criteria), with little likelihood of significant dissent about its removal. Otherwise it should not be removed. Consult as usual if uncertain that a revision would be appropriate to redact.

Due to its potential, use of the tool to redact block logs (whether the entry is justified or not) or to hide unfavorable actions, posts and/or criticisms, in a manner not covered by the criteria (or without the required consensus or Arbcom agreement) will usually be treated as abuse of the tool.

Use minimally if at all Do not delete fields that are not a problem. If the revision text is all that is an issue, leave the user and edit summary visible.
Do not use on "ordinary" incivility and attacks RevisionDelete should not be used without prior clear consensus for "ordinary" incivility, attacks, or for claims of editorial misconduct. The wider community may need to fully review these at the time and in future, even if offensive.
Log entry usage Outside of the limited scope of RD#2 for the move and delete logs, Revision Delete is intended solely for grossly improper content, and is not permitted for ordinary matters; the community needs to be able to review users' block logs and other logs whether or not proper.
Privacy, outing and defamation These should not posted here. If they are, then blank them here, notify oversight yourself, and drop the user an explanation.
If unsure... Consider reverting or redacting ("blanking") temporarily on busy pages to prevent it repeating in future revisions; if so leave an explanatory note to readers of the page. Then consult.
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