2009 New York City mayoral election

2009 New York City mayoral election

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Nominee Michael Bloomberg Bill Thompson
Party Independent Democratic
Alliance Republican
Working Families
Popular vote 585,466 534,869
Percentage 50.7% 46.3%

Borough results
Bloomberg:      50–60%      60–70%
Thompson      50–60%      60–70%

Mayor before election

Michael Bloomberg

Elected Mayor

Michael Bloomberg

The 2009 election for Mayor of New York City took place on Tuesday, November 3. The incumbent Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, an independent who left the Republican Party in 2008, won reelection on the Republican and Independence Party/Jobs & Education lines with 50.7% of the vote over the retiring City Comptroller, Bill Thompson, a Democrat (also endorsed by the Working Families Party), who won 46.3%.[1] Thompson had won the Democratic primary election on September 15 with 71% of the vote over City Councilman Tony Avella and Roland Rogers.[2] This was the fifth straight mayoral victory by Republican candidates in New York despite the city's strongly Democratic leaning in national and state elections.

Six other parties' candidates also contested the general election in November. Stephen Christopher of the Conservative Party of New York won 1.6% of the votes, more than the combined total of all the other minor candidates.[1] The turnout of voters—fewer than 350,000 in September and fewer than 1.2 million in November—was relatively low for recent mayoral elections, and Bloomberg won with fewer votes than any successful mayoral candidate had received since women joined the city's electorate in 1917.

Prior to the election, the New York City Council had voted to extend the city's term limits, permitting Bloomberg (previously elected in 2001 and 2005) and other second-term officeholders such as Thompson to run for a third term.[3] Attempts to put this decision to a popular referendum,[3] to reverse it in the federal courts[4] or to override it with state legislation were unsuccessful.

As of 2021, this is the last mayoral election in which a candidate on the Republican ballot line carried Manhattan or Queens.

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