Alma Mater (New York sculpture)

Alma Mater
2014 Columbia University Alma Mater closeup.jpg
Alma Mater in 2014
ArtistDaniel Chester French
Dimensions2.6 m × 1.7 m × 1.9 m (8.5 ft × 5.7 ft × 6.2 ft)[1]
LocationManhattan, New York City
CoordinatesCoordinates: 40°48′28.2″N 73°57′43.7″W / 40.807833°N 73.962139°W / 40.807833; -73.962139
OwnerColumbia University

Alma Mater is a bronze sculpture by Daniel Chester French which is located on the steps of the Low Memorial Library on the campus of Columbia University, in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. French designed the statue in 1901, and it was installed in September 1903. It is a personification of the alma mater, which represents Columbia in its role as an educational institution; since its installation, the statue has become closely associated with the image of the university.

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