Constitution Avenue

U.S. Route 50 marker

U.S. Route 50

Constitution Avenue
Route information
Maintained by DDOT
HistoryFormerly known as B Street
Major junctions
West end US 50 (Theodore Roosevelt Bridge)
Major intersectionsVirginia Avenue NW
US 1 (14th Street NW)
US 1 / US 50 (6th / 9th Streets NW)

US 1 Alt. (Pennsylvania Avenue NW)

US 1 Alt. (Maryland Avenue NE)
Massachusetts Avenue NE
East end21st Street NE
CountryUnited States
Federal districtDistrict of Columbia
Highway system

Constitution Avenue is a major east–west street in the northwest and northeast quadrants of the city of Washington, D.C., in the United States. It was originally known as B Street, and its western section was greatly lengthened and widened between 1925 and 1933. It received its current name on February 26, 1931, though it was almost named Jefferson Avenue in honor of Thomas Jefferson.[1] Constitution Avenue's western half defines the northern border of the National Mall and extends from the United States Capitol to the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge. Its eastern half runs through the neighborhoods of Capitol Hill and Kingman Park before it terminates at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. Many federal departmental headquarters, memorials, and museums line Constitution Avenue's western segment.

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