Federal District (Brazil)

Federal District
Distrito Federal (Portuguese)
Federal District
Distrito Federal (Portuguese)
Flag of Federal District
Coat of arms of Federal District
Ventvris Ventis
"To the coming winds"
Distrito Federal in Brazil.svg
Coordinates: 15°47′42″S 47°45′28″W / 15.79500°S 47.75778°W / -15.79500; -47.75778Coordinates: 15°47′42″S 47°45′28″W / 15.79500°S 47.75778°W / -15.79500; -47.75778
Seat of governmentBrasília
 • GovernorIbaneis Rocha (MDB)
 • Vice GovernorPaco Britto (AVANTE)
 • SenatorsIzalci Lucas (PSDB)
José Reguffe (UNIÃO)
Leila Barros (PDT)
 • Total5,802 km2 (2,240 sq mi)
 • Rank27th
 • Total2,570,160
 • Estimate 
 • Rank20th
 • Density440/km2 (1,100/sq mi)
  • Rank1st
 • Year2015 estimate
 • TotalUS$116 billions(PPP) US$65 billions (8th)
 • Per capitaUS$38.549 (PPP)[2] US$21,779 (1st)
 • Year2017
 • Category0.850[3]very high (1st)
Time zoneUTC−03:00 (BRT)
Postal code
70000-000 to 73690-000
ISO 3166 codeBR-DF

The Federal District (Portuguese: Distrito Federal [d͡ʒisˈtɾitu fedeˈɾaw] (listen))[4] is one of 27 federative units of Brazil. Located in the Center-West Region, it is the smallest Brazilian federal unit and the only one that has no municipalities, being divided into 31 administrative regions. The federal capital of Brazil, Brasília, which is also the seat of government of the Federal District, is located in its territory.

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