Help:Visual file markup

This page explains how to display images and videos in Wikipedia pages.

The basic markup for adding an image to a page is

[[File:Example.jpg|thumb|Caption text]]

The basic markup for adding a video to a page is

[[File:Example.ogg|frame|Caption text]]

File markup begins with the filename, preceded by the File: prefix. This displays the file, but by adding further parameters, the nature of the display can be tightly controlled. Code is added, to add a caption, to define its size, location on the page and to leave alternative text for the visual impaired . Each code or parameter is separated with a pipe (|). Codes may be in any order – with the exception of the caption, which should be last. Only the filename is required. This must be placed first.

If an article already has an infobox at the top right, then the usual place for the article's first picture is within the infobox. Many infoboxes require a different syntax than the one described here. For guidance on the other syntax, and how to choose which is correct, see Help:Infobox picture.

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