Loews Cineplex Entertainment

Loews Cineplex Theatres Inc.
FormerlyLoews Incorporated
Sony Theatres (1994–1996)
Loews Cineplex Entertainment Corporation (1998–2002)
Cineplex Odeon Corporation (1984–1998)
TypePrivate (1904–1998)
Public (1998–2004)
IndustryEntertainment (movie theatres)
FoundedJune 23, 1904 (1904-06-23) (original)
May 14, 1998 (1998-05-14)
FounderMarcus Loew (for the Loews Incorporated branch)
DefunctJanuary 26, 2006 (2006-01-26) (original)
FateMerged into AMC Theatres
(Canadian operations merged into Cineplex Entertainment)
HeadquartersNew York City, New York
Areas served
North America, South Korea, Spain
Key people
Lawrence J. Ruisi
(President and CEO)
Allen Karp
(Chairman and CEO, Cineplex Odeon Corp.)
OwnerLoews Corporation (1959–1985)
Perenchio Pictures (1985–1986)
Tri-Star Pictures (1986–1987)
Sony Pictures Entertainment (1987–2002)
Universal Studios (1998–2002)
Onex Corporation (2002–2011)
AMC Theatres (2006–present)
Cineplex Entertainment (2003–present)
DivisionsLoews Theatres
Cineplex Odeon Cinemas
Magic Johnson Theatres
Star Theatres
SubsidiariesCineplex Odeon Corporation
Websiteamctheatres.com (United States)
cineplex.com (Canada)

Loews Cineplex Entertainment, also known as Loews Incorporated, is an American theater chain operating in North America. From 1924 to 1959, it has also been the parent company of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM). It was formerly jointly owned by Sony Pictures and Universal Studios and operated theatres in the United States, Canada, South Korea, Spain and Mexico.

The company was originally called "Loew's," after the name of its founder, Marcus Loew. In 1969, when the Tisch brothers acquired the company, it became known as "Loews." The company merged with Canadian-based Cineplex Odeon Corporation in 1998, only to become bankrupt in 2001. The company merged with AMC Theatres on January 26, 2006, while the Canadian operations merged with Cineplex Galaxy in 2003.

The 'Loews Theatres name was used until 2017 when AMC simplified their branding to focus on three main lines: AMC, AMC Classic, and AMC Dine-In after their purchase of Carmike Cinemas. Prior to the discontinuation, Loews Cineplex operated its theatres under the Loews Theatres, Cineplex Odeon, Star Theatres, Magic Johnson Theatres, Cinemex and MEGABOX brands. Its corporate offices were located in New York and Toronto.

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