Monongahela River

Monongahela River
The Monongahela River in Pittsburgh with South Side Pittsburgh on the right and Uptown Pittsburgh on the left
Map of the Monongahela River basin with the Monongahela River highlighted
CountryUnited States
StatePennsylvania and West Virginia
CountiesMarion WV, Monongalia WV, Greene PA, Fayette PA, Washington PA, Westmoreland PA, Allegheny PA
Physical characteristics
SourceTygart Valley River
 • locationPocahontas County, West Virginia
 • coordinates38°28′06″N 79°58′51″W / 38.46833°N 79.98083°W / 38.46833; -79.98083[1]
 • elevation4,540 ft (1,380 m)[2]
2nd sourceWest Fork River
 • locationUpshur County, West Virginia
 • coordinates38°51′08″N 80°21′32″W / 38.85222°N 80.35889°W / 38.85222; -80.35889[3]
 • elevation1,309 ft (399 m)[4]
Source confluence 
 • locationFairmont, West Virginia
 • coordinates39°27′53″N 80°09′10″W / 39.46472°N 80.15278°W / 39.46472; -80.15278[5]
 • elevation863 ft (263 m)[3]
MouthOhio River
 • location
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
 • coordinates
40°26′30″N 80°00′58″W / 40.44167°N 80.01611°W / 40.44167; -80.01611[5]
 • elevation
709 ft (216 m)[5]
Length130 mi (210 km)[6]
Basin size7,340 sq mi (19,000 km2)[7]
 • locationBraddock, PA[8]
 • average12,650 cu ft/s (358 m3/s)
 • minimum2,900 cu ft/s (82 m3/s)
 • maximum81,100 cu ft/s (2,300 m3/s)
 • locationMasontown, PA[9]
 • average8,433 cu ft/s (238.8 m3/s)
Basin features
 • leftWest Fork, Coal Run, Buffalo Creek, Hawkinberry Run, Paw Paw Creek, Pharoah Run, Parker Run, Indian Creek, Birchfield Run, Meadow Run, Broad Run, Dents Run, Scotts Run, Courtney Run, Robinson Run, Crooked Run, Dunkard Creek, Whiteley Creek, Little Whiteley Creek, Pegs Run, Muddy Creek, Noel Run, Pumpkin Run, Rush Run, Tenmile Creek, Fishpot Run, Barneys Run, Twomile Run, Lilly Run, Pike Run, Wood Run, Hooders Run, Maple Creek, Pigeon Creek, Dry Run, Mingo Creek, Huston Run, Lobbs Run, Peters Creek, Thompson Run, Homestead Run, West Run, Streets Run, Becks Run
 • rightTygart River, Prickett Creek, Little Creek, Whiteday Creek, Joes Run, Toms Run, Booths Run, Cobun Creek, Deckers Creek, West Run, Laurel Run, Camp Run, Cheat River, Georges Creek, Jacobs Creek, Cats Run, Browns Run, Middle Run, Antram Run, Wallace Run, Hereford Hollow, Bates Run, Meadow Run, Kelley Run, Rush Run, Dunlap Creek, Redstone Creek, Lamb Lick Run, Downers Run, Speers Run, Turkey Hollow, Beckers Run, Sunfish Run, Bunola Run, Kelly Run, Mill Run, Smiths Run, Fallen Timber Run, Wylie Run, Youghiogheny River, Crooked Run, Turtle Creek, Ninemile Run

The Monongahela River (/məˌnɒŋɡəˈhlə/ mə-NONG-gə-HEE-lə, /-ˈh-/ -⁠HAY-),[10] sometimes referred to locally as the Mon (/mɒn/), is a 130-mile-long (210 km)[6] river on the Allegheny Plateau in north-central West Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania. The river flows from the confluence of its west and east forks in north-central West Virginia northeasterly into southwestern Pennsylvania, then northerly to Pittsburgh and its confluence with the Allegheny River to form the Ohio River. The river includes a series of locks and dams that makes it navigable.

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