National Capital Planning Commission

National Capital Planning Commission
Agency overview
JurisdictionFederal government of the United States
Headquarters401 9th Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, D.C.
Agency executives
  • Teri Hawks Goodmann, Chair
  • Elizabeth Hewlett, Vice-Chair
  • Marcel C. Acosta, Executive Director

The National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) is a U.S. government executive branch agency that provides planning guidance for Washington, D.C., and the surrounding National Capital Region. Through its planning policies and review of development proposals, the Commission seeks to protect and enhance the extraordinary resources of the national capital.[1]

The 12-member commission includes three presidential appointees, of which one must be from Virginia and one from Maryland, the mayor of Washington, D.C., the chair of the Council of the District of Columbia, two mayoral appointees, and the chair of the House and Senate committees with review authority over the District. Other commission members include the heads of the three major land holding agencies, which are the Department of Defense, the Department of the Interior, and the General Services Administration.[2] The Commission is supported by a professional staff of planners, architects, urban designers, historic preservation officers, among others.

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