Perseus Digital Library

Perseus Digital Library
LocationTufts University
ScopeAncient Greece, Ancient Rome, Arabic Materials, Germanic Materials, 19th-century America, Early modern English literature, Richmond Times Dispatch and Humanist and Renaissance Italian Poetry in Latin
Other information
DirectorGregory Crane

The Perseus Digital Library, formerly known as the Perseus Project, is a free-access digital library founded by Gregory Crane in 1987 and hosted by the Department of Classical Studies of Tufts University. One of the pioneers of digital libraries, its self-proclaimed mission is to make the full record of humanity available to everyone. While originally focused on the ancient Greco-Roman world, it has since diversified and offers materials in Arabic, Germanic, English Renaissance literature, 19th century American documents and Italian poetry in Latin, and has sprouted several child projects and international cooperation. The current version, Perseus 4.0, is also known as the Perseus Hopper, and is mirrored by the University of Chicago.

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