Singapore Island

Singapore Island
Native name:
Pulau Ujong
Planning areas of Singapore Island, including outlying islands
LocationSoutheast Asia
ArchipelagoMalay Archipelago
Adjacent toSingapore Strait
South China Sea
Straits of Malacca
Straits of Johor
Area710 km2 (270 sq mi)
Highest pointBukit Timah Hill — 163.63 metres (536.8 ft)
Population5,453,600[1] (2021)
Pop. density7,704/km2 (19953/sq mi)
Ethnic groupsChinese

Singapore Island, or Pulau Ujong, is the main constituent island of the sovereign island country and city-state of the Republic of Singapore. It is located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula, in-between the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea. The Singapore Strait lies to the south, while the Johor Strait lies to the north.

The island forms the bulk of the country in terms of area, population and prominence, since areas situated on the country's smaller islands consist of military or industrial areas, with the exceptions being Sentosa as well as Ubin Island.[2] As of June 2021, Singapore's population stood at 5.45 million and the mainland has a land area of approximately 710 square kilometres (270 sq mi).[1]

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