Wikipedia:Articles with a single source

If you come across an article with only one source, the subject is unlikely to be notable enough to merit a standalone article. If the single source is a self-published book or article from an advocacy group or lobby group, the article may qualify for deletion.

According to Wikipedia's general notability guideline, a topic is presumed to be notable if it has received significant coverage in reliable secondary sources that are independent of the subject. Note that it says "sources" plural.

Following this guideline, a subject for which only one source can be cited is unlikely to merit a standalone article.

Remember however, notability criteria consider whether sufficient sources exist, not merely how many have already been cited in the current version of the article, i.e., "can be cited" is not the same as "are cited". Therefore, rather than judging a single-source article non-notable and listing it for deletion, please add the template {{onesource}} at the top of the article, so that someone may remedy the issue. Alternatively, you can search for reliable sources yourself, and add them to the article.

For single-source sections, the template {{onesource|section_name}} can be added, if you think that only one source is not enough for it.

In addition to notability, single-source articles may suffer from other problems.

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