Wikipedia:Disambiguation dos and don'ts

Disambiguation pages are not encyclopedia articles – they are navigation aids!
Users arrive at these pages with a specific article in mind. So when you edit these pages:
Limit descriptions to what's necessary.
Put the link at the start of each entry.[a]
Sort entries; group by subject if necessary.
Put the primary topic at the top, if one exists.
Use {{Wiktionary}} for dictionary definitions.[b]
Fix incoming links to target the intended page.
Tag pages that need work with {{dab cleanup}}.
Don't include entries without a blue link.
Don't include red links unless used in articles.[c]
Don't include multiple blue links in an entry.
Don't include references or external links.
Don't list dictionary definitions.[b]
Don't list every article containing the title.
Don't pipe links except to format.[a]


Do consider joining WikiProject Disambiguation.

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