Wikipedia:Don't cite essays or proposals as if they were policy

In heated debates, users often cite essays, proposals, WikiProject advice pages, information pages and template documentation pages as defence of their own actions, or to make an accusation of wrongdoing against another editor. This is often inappropriate and can lead to the escalation of a conflict. Essays, proposals and information pages should only be cited as opinions or advice, not admonishment. They should not be used as an end-run around the Wikipedia process of establishing consensus.

It is not a good idea to quote essays—including this one—as though they are Wikipedia-approved policies or guidelines. Essays can be written without much, if any, debate, as opposed to Wikipedia policies and guidelines, which have generally been more thoroughly vetted. Giving a link to an essay without explanation risks misrepresenting it as more than it is. Some essays are widely accepted, but they often represent the views of one or more editors. (See WP:Local consensus for details).

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