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The Biography WikiProject concerns the creation, development, and organization of Wikipedia's articles about persons (including but not limited to biographies). It includes only articles about individual persons, not about an organization or group or association, unless a substantial section of the article is a biography of a person related to that organization or group. It includes biographies of only real humans; thus, the project does not cover other animals or fictitious persons (such as pseudonyms) or fictional characters. As of 30 May 2023, there are 1,968,779 articles and 7,573 lists within the scope of WikiProject Biography, of which 1,776 are featured and 7,647 are good articles. As of 12 November 2022 according to WHGI and based on wikidata, only 370,412 of Wikipedia's 1,911,715 biographies are about women, amounting to 19.376%.

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