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This is a style guide for redirects in the English Wikipedia. The ultimate goal of the guide is to have every redirect categorised in a standard format, as well as to have every main-namespace (article) redirect categorised as either printworthy or unprintworthy. Printworthiness becomes important when a printed edition of Wikipedia is published, for example in CD-ROM format. For more information, see the documentation on the {{R printworthy}} and {{R unprintworthy}} template pages and Wikipedia:Printability.

Redirect statements, which should start at the beginning of the first line of the redirect source, should follow one of these formats:

     #REDIRECT [[Target article name]]
     #REDIRECT [[Target article name#Anchor]]

Replace "target article name" with the name of the article that is the desired target (including an optional anchor, if required). The target should be the exact name of the target, including correct casing, otherwise it may create a double redirect, a broken link, or some other problem. Use the same casing for the first character of the target as the target page, although this will not affect the working of the redirect. Although wikisyntax allows spaces and underscores to be used interchangeably, to avoid confusion and for easier maintenance, use spaces and underscores exactly as they are used in the target page title and anchor.

The redirect statement should appear all on one line or it will not work properly. Other elements such as redirect templates may appear after the redirect statement, however.

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