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The Signpost

Welcome to the central hub of The Signpost!

This is The Signpost Newsroom, a place where The Signpost team can coordinate with writers, both regular and occasional, and people who have suggestions for topics to cover. See the boxes below if you have suggestions (something for the team to write about in regular columns), proposal/submissions (for articles you want to write/have written yourself), or want to create a pre-formatted draft article in your userspace, with helpful links and easy-to-edit syntax. Discussion occurs both here and in the Signpost Discord.

Discussion of upcoming issues is done at the newsroom talk page. For general feedback on The Signpost as a whole, go to our talk page. To learn more about The Signpost, see our about page.

The Signpost currently has 5424 articles, 681 issues, and 12837 pages (4271 talk and 8566 non-talk).


Suggest a topic

To suggest a topic to be covered by The Signpost, simply click on the button below or post to our suggestions page manually. Example of good topics are

  • Editors who have done something extraordinary/wonderful
  • Ongoing discussions
  • Media coverage of Wikipedia
  • Technical news
  • Updates to important tools and templates
  • Wikipedia-related events

but many more exist.

Email a private tip to the EiC
Propose/submit an article

If you have an idea for an article you would like to write, you can submit it for review by the editorial team. You can do so by clicking the button below or by posting to our submissions page manually.

  • News articles should be kept relatively neutral and report on a specific piece of actual news. They can be on any topic of interest to Wikipedians, from general events, to technical news.
  • Opinion pieces are evaluate on originality, relevance to Wikipedians, and the quality of the arguments. They should provoke thought and encourage productive discussion.
  • Special pieces cover things that don't fall neatly in the above two categories. If it's interesting to you, it's likely interesting to someone else as well. Check with us and we'll see what can be done!

Create a draft

To create a draft of an article in your userspace, simply copy-paste {{subst:Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Story-preload}} at User:USERNAME/Signpost draft (replacing USERNAME with your own username).

You can also use the button below. This will preload a form, which you can then save and edit. We recommend saving without making any edits to the preloaded form before starting to write your article.

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