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Southern elephant seal virus

Familia: Togaviridae Genus: Alphavirus Species: Southern elephant seal virus Southern elephant seal virus ICTV Virus Taxonomy 2014 українська: вірус південного...

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Palaeoloxodon cypriotes

(Bate, 1904) Bate, D.M.A., Preliminary Note on the Discovery of a Pigmy Elephant in the Pleistocene of Cyprus, in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London...

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History, and Evolution of Elephants. In: Murray E. Fowler, Susan K. Mikota (eds.): Biology, Medicine, and Surgery of Elephants. ISBN 978-0-470-34448-4....

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Stegodon aurorae

Matsumoto, 1918: 52 (protonym) Matsumoto, H. 1918. On a new archetypal fossil elephant from Mt. Tomuro, Kaga. Science reports of the Tohoku Imperial University...

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Hansford, J.P. & Turvey, S.T. 2018. Unexpected diversity within the extinct elephant birds (Aves: Aepyornithidae) and a new identity for the world’s largest...

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1098/rsos.181295 Reference page.  čeština: Aepyornis Deutsch: Elefantvögel English: Elephant Bird español: Ave elefante français: Oiseau-éléphant 中文: 象鳥...

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Aepyornis gracilis

Familia: †Aepyornithidae Genus: †Aepyornis Species: Aepyornis gracilis Aepyornis gracilis L. Monnier, 1913 English: Gracile Elephant Bird...

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Palaeoloxodon falconeri

Busk, G. 1867. Description of the remains of three extinct species of elephant, collected by Capt. Spratt, C.B., R.N., in the ossiferous cavern of Zebbug...

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Ελληνικά: Θαλάσσιος Ελέφαντας English: Elephant seal español: Elefante marino suomi: Merinorsut français: Éléphant de mer magyar: Elefántfóka italiano: Elefante...

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Aepyornis medius

Familia: †Aepyornithidae Genus: †Aepyornis Species: Aepyornis medius Aepyornis medius A. Milne-Edwards & Grandidier, 1866 English: Greater Elephant Bird...

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