Tetraparma insecta

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Familia: Triparmaceae
Genus: Tetraparma
Species: Tetraparma insecta


Tetraparma insecta Bravo-Sierra & Hernández-Becerril 2003
Holotype: Herbario Nacional de México (Instituto de Biología, UNAM MEXO Colección Ficológica, No. 1494: 580).
Type locality: Gulf of Tehuantepec, Tropical Mexican Pacific Ocean (15° 27.24’ N, 94° 22.91’ W.).


  • Bravo-Sierra, E. & Hernández-Becerril, D.U. (2003). Parmales (Chrysophyceae) from the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico, including the description of a new species, Tetraparma insecta sp. nov., and a proposal to the taxonomy of the group. Journal of Phycology 39: 577–583.

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