WhatsApp for Android gets group call button shortcut, GIF bug fix: What's new - Times Now WhatsApp for Android gets group call button shortcut, GIF bug fix: What's new  Times NowThe new WhatsApp group call feature works similar to standard calling - all members of the group get a call and video call button. The new WhatsApp ...
Xiaomi's Mi Micro USB Braided Cable launched at Rs. 249: Details - Times Now Xiaomi's Mi Micro USB Braided Cable launched at Rs. 249: Details  Times NowMi India on Monday introduced the Mi Micro USB braided cable in India. The newly launched Mi USB cable is already up on sale in India via Xiaomi's official ...
What India e-commerce policy entails for online retailers - Livemint What India e-commerce policy entails for online retailers  LivemintThe new rules for FDI in e-commerce, to be implemented from 1 February, could throw a spanner in India's thriving online retail sector.
Long penises help hermit crabs avoid being robbed during sex Some male hermit crabs have unusually long penises. This could be so that they can protect their homes whilst having sex
How hagfish can make enough slime to clog a shark's jaws in seconds Hagfish use slime to clog up sharks’ jaws in milliseconds, and it’s the water drag generated when the shark inhales that helps the slime form so quickly
We all love Marie Kondo. So why is tidying up so hard? The Japanese neatness consultant has inspired millions to declutter. So why is getting your home Instagrammably neat so difficult, asks David H. Freedman
Call for more transparency over ‘add-on’ fertility treatments The UK’s fertility regulator has said that clinics offering fertility treatments must be more transparent about the effectiveness and costs of “optional extras”
Astronauts travelling to the moon and Mars risk dying from superbugs Just trace amounts of antibiotics in a spacecraft could be enough to let bacteria evolve deadly resistance on long space journeys
Lighter, fuel-efficient ships for a sustainable future Ultra-efficient ships built with innovative, lightweight materials using sustainable manufacturing processes are taking to the seas thanks to an EU-funded project that promises to boost the competitiveness of the European maritime industry - and benefit the environment.
Getting green renewables into the grid Today's clean, renewable energy is bringing power to millions with virtually no adverse environmental impact. An EU-funded project is modelling the power sector and assessing different scenarios for the further integration of green renewables into the electrical grid.
Committee on Climate Change questioned Science and Technology Committee examines technologies for meeting clean growth emissions reduction targets
Goodbye, Internet Explorer
Microsoft's legendary browser is getting replaced. It's about time.
Internet Explorer 4, released by Microsoft in 1997.

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