THE DEATH OF DAREDEVIL Teaser Trailer | Marvel Comics
Charles Soule’s long-running tenure on DAREDEVIL is coming to an end…and he is not leaving Matt Murdock in a good place.
Is this THE END for Daredevil?
This October, Charles Soule and Phil Noto will kick off Matt Murdock’s darkest ...
Dee Bradley Baker On Where His Voices Come From | This Week In Marvel
Voice acting legend Dee Bradley Baker talks with Lorraine Cink about where he finds inspiration for his many voices and how he develops new sounds for his many animal characters.
Hear Dee’s work in the upcoming film, “Marvel Rising: Secret ...
Zapping your guts with electricity can help relieve constipation Passing a gentle electric current through the abdomen encourages bowel movements in people with chronic constipation, a clinical trial has found
Making sense of commitment An EU-funded project is exploring what keeps people committed to a task even when they get bored, distracted or are tempted to stop. The findings could foster productivity-boosting strategies, improve robot-human interactions and even help treat borderline personality disorder.
Electric Reefs
It may be possible to restore damaged parts of the Great Barrier Reef by electrically stimulating coral fragments grown on underwater metal frames
Chair comments on reported compliance failures in clinical trials Committee Chair Norman Lamb comments on reported compliance failures in clinical trials
EmTech Conference Series
MIT Technology Review Live Events bring our award-winning journalism to life. Our EmTech conference series brings together business leaders, technologists, researchers and policy makers to discuss the latest innovations and trends in AI, the Future of Work, Robotics, Sustainable Energy ...
How to fake a trend on Twitter - BBC Trending
A BBC investigation has found Saudi Arabian companies offering to make hashtags trend artificially. Twitter says it's trying hard to clamp down on automated accounts - or "bots".
Reporters: Jonathan Griffin and Fahima Abdulrahman
Video journalist: Alex Dackevych
Goodbye, Internet Explorer
Microsoft's legendary browser is getting replaced. It's about time.
Internet Explorer 4, released by Microsoft in 1997.

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