Balance and effectiveness of research and innovation spending examined Science and Technology Committee explore issues including international comparisons of R&D spending and the regional distribution of investment
Smarter identity control for a more mobile future The rapid growth in air travel has made the task of controlling borders increasingly cumbersome. EU-funded research is developing pioneering new technology which will lighten the burden on weary travellers while simultaneously tightening security and facilitating ID control at the ...
Top 10 MCU Battles You Can Create With Your Funkos (sponsored by Funko) | Marvel Top 10
Grab your Funkos and get ready to re-create some of the most epic battles in MCU history!
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10. Hulk vs. Loki
9. Spider-Man vs. Captain America
8. The Wasp vs. Ghost
7. Guardians of the ...
Japanese Knotweed and the built environment inquiry launched Science and Technology Committee ask for written submissions and are also interested to hear from the public about their experiences of Japanese Knotweed
Silencing a gene may prevent deadly pre-eclampsia in pregnancy Pre-eclampsia affects up to 10 per cent of pregnancies and can have serious complications. A single injection may one day be enough to lower blood pressure
Complex stone tools in China may re-write our species’ ancient history A cache of sophisticated stone tools from a cave in China date back 170,000 years – perhaps a sign that our species arrived in East Asia earlier than we thought
How to 3D-print a living, beating heart Think 3D printing is all about obscure plastic widgets? Think again – bioprinting pioneer Jennifer Lewis has a plan to make living, breathing human organs
Innovations to improve ship safety in the icy Arctic The EU-funded SEDNA project is developing ways to improve the design, operation, navigation and anti-icing features of ships traversing the harsh Arctic region. SEDNA's innovations could help protect lives, safeguard the region's unique natural environment, and open more competitive routes ...
'Genomics Summit’ held in Parliament on 31 October 2018 Science and Technology Committee and the Department of Health and Social Care Genomics Summit 2018
A more efficient fuel cell for smart power grids An EU- and industry-funded project has developed a high-efficiency fuel cell with a long lifetime suitable for integrating renewable energy sources into smart power grids in the longer term. Some of the key components are already on the market. The ...
Video: Meet the low carbon pioneers (sponsored by BP)
Reducing the planet’s greenhouse emissions requires innovative advances, such as concrete that absorbs carbon dioxide as it hardens. Tom Schuler explains
EU and Japan collaborate in search for gravitational waves An exchange of know-how and technology between EU-funded scientists and their Japanese colleagues has paved the way for a new generation of ultra-sensitive gravitational wave detectors.
MPs call for national early intervention strategy Science and Technology Committee publishes evidence-based early years intervention report
New Scientist Live: The World's Greatest Science Festival
New Scientist Live: 10-13th October 2019, London ExCeL
New Scientist Live is the world's greatest science festival, for everyone curious about science and why it matters.
For four days in October 2019 it transforms London, the world’s most exciting capital ...
'Manspreading bleach' a Kremlin hoax? BBC Trending asks Anna Dovgalyuk
Millions of people around the world have watched a viral video that appears to show Anna Dovgalyuk, a Russian activist, student and social media star taking direct action against "manspreading".
So why do some think it is actually Kremlin-backed misinformation?
EmTech Conference Series
MIT Technology Review Live Events bring our award-winning journalism to life. Our EmTech conference series brings together business leaders, technologists, researchers and policy makers to discuss the latest innovations and trends in AI, the Future of Work, Robotics, Sustainable Energy ...
How to fake a trend on Twitter - BBC Trending
A BBC investigation has found Saudi Arabian companies offering to make hashtags trend artificially. Twitter says it's trying hard to clamp down on automated accounts - or "bots".
Reporters: Jonathan Griffin and Fahima Abdulrahman
Video journalist: Alex Dackevych
Ghana's Last Mile
Last Mile Delivery in Ghana is responding to the changing need of citizens in the digitial age.
Goodbye, Internet Explorer
Microsoft's legendary browser is getting replaced. It's about time.
Internet Explorer 4, released by Microsoft in 1997.

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