Pixel 3 prices plummet to ridiculous new low as Google set to announce a big update - Express Pixel 3 prices plummet to ridiculous new low as Google set to announce a big update  ExpressGOOGLE Pixel 3 prices have dropped to an all-new low and the deal comes ahead of rumours about a refreshed smartphone.
Where are all the women in gaming? - CBBC Newsround Where are all the women in gaming?  CBBC NewsroundGaming has come a long way since Pac Man and Space Invaders. Although women now make up nearly 50% of the people playing games, only 19% of games ...
Is Kingfa Science & Technology (India) Limited's (NSE:KINGFA) ROE Of 4.7% Concerning? - Yahoo Finance Is Kingfa Science & Technology (India) Limited's (NSE:KINGFA) ROE Of 4.7% Concerning?  Yahoo FinanceOne of the best investments we can make is in our own knowledge and skill set. With that in mind, this article will work through how we can ...
21 million children miss first dose of measles vaccine every year An estimated 169 million children worldwide have missed out on getting the first dose of a measles vaccine, including more than half a million in the UK
Sri Lanka, North Korea, Cassowaries: Your Thursday Briefing - The New York Times Sri Lanka, North Korea, Cassowaries: Your Thursday Briefing  The New York Times(Want to get this briefing by email? Here's the sign-up.) Good morning,. We start today with flashbacks to the dark days of war in Sri Lanka, Kim Jong-un's visit to ...
Arboretum goes solar in massive Harvard sustainability initiative - Harvard Gazette Arboretum goes solar in massive Harvard sustainability initiative  Harvard GazetteThe Weld Hill Solar Project, currently underway, is the Arnold Arboretum's third and largest solar project and Harvard's most ambitious sustainability initiative to ...
Robotic tube for surgery autonomously navigates inside a beating heart A robotic catheter can move autonomously inside a heart to the location where surgery is required. It has a camera for vision and has been tested in 5 pigs
China’s efforts to cut pollution in Beijing may make it worse overall Heavy polluting industries are being moved away from Beijing in an attempt to cut air pollution, but this could actually result in more pollution not less
Foragers may have settled in the Amazon 10,000 years ago Human burial sites and evidence of hunting, foraging and a cooking hearth reveal that foragers lived in the Amazon thousands of years earlier than we thought
‘Rule-breaking’ crab fossils have weird shrimp and lobster features A newly-discovered type of crab from the Cretaceous period looks like it had the eyes of a larva, the mouth of a shrimp, and the carapace of a lobster
Chair comments on 5G security Committee Chair responds to the Prime Minister’s reported decision to allow Huawei to supply parts of the country’s 5G network
Circular approach to waste management How can we reduce the amount of domestic refuse that is landfilled or burned? An EU-funded project is running pilot schemes in four European towns to promote a circular economy in the processing of municipal waste.
Dutch software developer sees growth spurt A EUR 12-million loan extended under the InnovFin MidCap Growth Finance Facility under the EU's Horizon 2020 programme and backed by the European Investment Bank is helping Dutch software firm Planon transfer services to a cloud-based model as part of ...
Minister questioned on the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy Science and Technology Committee examines technologies for meeting Clean Growth emissions reduction targets
Committee 'welcome' announcements made in Online Harms White Paper Science and Technology Committee Chair comments on today's publication of the Government's Online Harms White Paper
Goodbye, Internet Explorer
Microsoft's legendary browser is getting replaced. It's about time.
Internet Explorer 4, released by Microsoft in 1997.

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