@2405Victoriaf Hi Barbara. Just make sure you cancel your application before you enrol on the course, there will not be any consequence if you do this *JR
@ReniKaul Hi Reni. We are unable to accept paper references, these are completed by email request - have you received an email from us yet? *JR
The next government should ensure that unis can continue to support the nation’s skill base and boost collaboration https://t.co/uGDq0fTekc https://t.co/CI5euSc3jO
@OneTrueConnor Hi Connor @SF_England will be able to help you with this query *JR
@ReeceReece99 You can request a copy of your reference by calling us - we can email this to you for a £10 (cont) https://t.co/8Bp0DSwOVn
@josh_rimmer1105 Hi Joshua. If you are applying for part time courses then you need to apply to the Uni - you only need UCAS for full time study 🙂 *JR
Seen that 'Add an Extra Choice' option on Track? Find out what it means! https://t.co/FduLBLxf84 https://t.co/NUPBt6jShY
UK universities want to provide students from all backgrounds with a world-class education. UUK priorities: https://t.co/bz7CReUOyu #GE2017 https://t.co/sUoXCm03CH
Got psychometric tests to do as part of a job application? @jobtestprepuk can help you prepare! https://t.co/3TGWqRboFB
To attract international talent, universities need an effective post-Brexit settlement. More on UUK’s priorities https://t.co/0RFWNbe5LB https://t.co/J8DBILwSiq
We've raised 5% of @OpenUniversity student Bridget's scholarship already. Thank you to the lovely bunch who donated https://t.co/Fb3GllSvCu
By supporting @OpenUniversity student Bridget complete her MSc, you'll be helping her expand the amazing @Ibbaschool https://t.co/qMqiBnCCom
Interested in #teaching and want to take a gap-year? Why not teach English abroad? https://t.co/4Tsue9rXAb https://t.co/j8Z1heXRIU
Accelerated degrees: understanding the opportunities. Receive the most relevant info at our seminar @QAAtweets https://t.co/a1yM3u7KJ1
@yorkonafork Hi, I recommend contacting our main reception for the campus on 01908 274 066. ^Matt
It’s vital that universities are supported in their role as anchors for growth in local economies: https://t.co/nngLgt7ZyL https://t.co/zoyUVrFqZh
The Erasmus+ 2016 Sport Compendia has been published The 2016 Erasmus+ Sport Compendia is available for all actions, by themes and by country
Eurydice Newsletter - Spring 2017 The spring edition of the Eurydice newsletter is now available.
This edition provides updates on the most recent and forthcoming Eurydice publications, as well as news from the European education ...

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