Fox Networks Group

Fox Networks Group
FormerlyFox International Channels (1993–2016)
Company typeSubsidiary
FoundedFebruary 27, 1993 (1993-02-27)
FounderRupert Murdoch
DefunctMarch 11, 2024 (2024-03-11)
SuccessorsNational Geographic Global Networks
FX Networks
Area served
ProductsPay television
ServicesTelevision channels
OwnerNews Corporation (1993–2013)
21st Century Fox (2013–2019)
The Walt Disney Company (2019–2024)
ParentFox Entertainment Group (2005–2013)
Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution (2019–2023)
Disney Entertainment (2023–2024)

Fox Networks Group (FNG) was the international division of 21st Century Fox. The division oversaw the production and broadcasting of the Fox brands in the United States and internationally. These brands included Fox, Fox Sports, National Geographic, and BabyTV, as well producing and distributing more than 300 entertainment, film, sports and factual channels in 45 languages across Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia, using several brands in those regions. Among their non-linear brands were Fox Play and Fox Plus. These brands reached over 1.725 billion households around the world.

Previously known as Fox International Channels, a unit previously operated jointly with 21CF's U.S. domestic broadcast units until 2016 when the units were merged into Fox Networks Group, the group included the U.S. unit which consisted of Fox Television Group, Fox Cable Networks, Fox Sports Media Group, Fox News Group, National Geographic Partners, and Fox Networks Digital Consumer Group, until Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox, after which FNG's U.S. unit was dispersed between the Murdoch's Fox Corporation and Walt Disney Television as the non-U.S. units were integrated into Disney's direct-to-consumer and international unit, and was later phased out with its properties being dispersed into various Disney units and the channels being subsequently rebranded to either Star or FX brands.

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