Longwood Medical and Academic Area

View over LMA facing Huntington Avenue
Harvard Medical School quadrangle and adjacent Longwood Medical and Academic Area buildings

The Longwood Medical and Academic Area (also known as Longwood Medical Area, LMA, or simply Longwood) is a medical campus in Boston, Massachusetts. Flanking Longwood Avenue, LMA is adjacent to the Fenway–Kenmore, Audubon Circle, and Mission Hill neighborhoods, as well as the town of Brookline.[1]

It is most strongly associated with Harvard Medical School, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and other medical facilities such as Harvard's teaching hospitals, but prominent non-Harvard institutions are located there as well. Long known as a global center of research, institutions in the Longwood Medical Area secured over $1.2 billion in NIH funds alone, in FY 2018 which exceeds funding received by 44 states.

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