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A group of Russian university students who participate in the Wikipedia editing assignment as a part of Ayla Arslan's first year core course "Science and Technology", which is also subjected to pilot educational research project conducted by Ayla Arslan and Marko Turk in the School of Advanced Studies, University of Tyumen, Siberia, Russia 2021
Brochure on how to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool in higher education classrooms

The School and university projects page collects information about Wikipedia projects for school and university classes, including an archive of many past class projects.

Lists of current classes (and other programs) using Wikipedia can be found at and, as well as below at current projects.

Interested in using Wikipedia assignments in your course? Try these resources:

  • Wikipedia:Student assignments, a page of advice and best practices for running Wikipedia assignments
  • Wikipedia:Training, a set of training modules for students, educators and others involved with Wikipedia editing assignments
  • Wikipedia:Education program, a portal for U.S. and Canada classrooms to receive more organized support. If you're not from the U.S. and Canada, no worries! Feel free to check out the students assignments page and to ask for help at the education noticeboard.

Want to report a problem or ask for help related to a class editing project?

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